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by Alpha_The_Centurion
04 Jan 2022, 04:17
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: God War Council
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Re: God War Council

Do I have to make my return and smack a bitch?
by Alpha_The_Centurion
05 Sep 2020, 04:10
Forum: Para-RP
Topic: Prophet Vs. Ryokou
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Re: Prophet Vs. Ryokou

You goons really have refs dictating the outcome of every round? Yiiiikeeesss.
by Alpha_The_Centurion
10 Nov 2015, 15:51
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Speed Fighting
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Re: Speed Fighting

It's a preference, Anderson. Just because you're not good at it doesn't mean it's bad. Speed takes a degree of skill I have yet to master, which is why I stick to para. I still respect speed fighters, as should you.
by Alpha_The_Centurion
18 Sep 2015, 17:28
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Character List
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Re: Character List

Alpha: The retired hero. Spends his days sitting on a beach on his home planet. A man whose escapades are told as legends among peasants and royalty alike. Journeys spanning time and space, defeating things once thought invincible. Once thought to be unaging, this smaller myth has been disproved as ...
by Alpha_The_Centurion
26 Jun 2015, 21:18
Forum: Role-playing
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I'm going to play a mandalorian. Heads up.
by Alpha_The_Centurion
29 May 2015, 14:20
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: The Father of Death
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The Father of Death

Night had begun to settle upon the small Massachusetts town of Arkham, the sun kissed the horizon and the moon was already upon it's accelerated pace into the sky. The city was bathed in the Eldritch, creeping fear that had wraught it's citizens since the day it was built. The citizens returned to t...
by Alpha_The_Centurion
27 May 2015, 12:08
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Character History
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Re: Character History

Guess I should do this. Name: Alpha Tenchi Sirnames: Akoltie, Loerchik, Cobera, Shaddai Nicknames: Alfalfa, Aloha, Alps, Alan Age: Sixteen Race: Xanaku Height: 6'6 Weight: 165 lbs Hair Color: Black Hair length: Top of shoulders, wild and untamed Eye color: Crimson Personality- Alpha is a free spirit...
by Alpha_The_Centurion
27 May 2015, 11:39
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Power Ban List Revamp
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Re: Power Ban List Revamp

I know im late but it's all about being not trash. There are ways to counter all of the things you just listed doe. Why would you ban them when they can be beaten?
by Alpha_The_Centurion
26 May 2015, 23:36
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Depictions of characters
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Re: Depictions of characters

by Alpha_The_Centurion
14 Mar 2015, 08:26
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Square 1
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Re: Square 1

Ya'll chill. I didn't do this to start this kind of crap, I did it to end a lot of it. Getting bored with playing powerful character, ya ne? Ya'll can continue to do that but for now, I just wanna chill.

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