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by Avereeni
08 Sep 2017, 04:30
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Birthday Thread
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Re: Birthday Thread

its my turn to eat all the cake now
by Avereeni
13 Jun 2017, 17:46
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Angel's Thread
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Re: Angel's Thread

angel i'm really happy for you <3 congratulations !

i wish you best of luck and i hope you stay happy

by Avereeni
30 Nov 2016, 20:09
Forum: General Chat
Topic: i am going
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i am going

i am going to go for a very long time, not sure when i'll be back, hopefully never ^^

for those who are concerned you know where to contact me (those certain people)

i will see you (?) another time!
by Avereeni
28 Nov 2016, 00:48
Forum: General Chat
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i usually dont cry cuz i like to hold it in because no one cares about me C:
by Avereeni
21 Oct 2016, 21:26
Forum: Serious Discussion
Topic: Major DDoS Attack (Mostly East Coast of America)
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Major DDoS Attack (Mostly East Coast of America)


a major ddos attack hit america, targeted one of its biggest dns providers, and now many sites are suffering. pretty much prone to being shut down entirely.

might as well just say bye to everyone ^3^

look up ddos attack, news everywhere. dyn is currently trying to mitigate

by Avereeni
15 Oct 2016, 20:58
Forum: General Chat
Topic: discussions about my (soon-to-come) drawing tablet!
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discussions about my (soon-to-come) drawing tablet!

Hey! For a while now, I've been discussing with everyone about my drawing tablet and what I plan on working on with it. I said sometime in August that I would get my drawing tablet around the end of August or the beginning of September. Unfortunately, I didn't get it as soon as I thought I would. H...
by Avereeni
25 Sep 2016, 18:41
Forum: Guy Chat
Topic: Fictional Hot Gals
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Re: Fictional Hot Gals


by Avereeni
20 Sep 2016, 02:44
Forum: General Chat
Topic: quitting indefinitely
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Re: quitting indefinitely

happy birthday!
by Avereeni
10 Sep 2016, 19:08
Forum: General Chat
Topic: roast me (7777 posts)
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Re: roast me (7777 posts)

wtf you have 7778 posts. get out
by Avereeni
08 Sep 2016, 12:31
Forum: General Chat
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yes it is i avery
and it is my BIRTHDAY

now, smother me with presents


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