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by Pedobear
15 Feb 2019, 00:39
Forum: General Chat
Topic: random things from boxy when she's bored
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Re: random things from boxy when she's bored

Boxorino wrote:anyone wanna hit my vape???????? (its not nicotine you goofs its thc)

pudingeX wrote:
Boxorino wrote:
pudingeX wrote:Nice

i missed u beech

As if I didn't miss you. C'mere ya. *opens arms*

hell yeah *hugs*

I'm highly skeptical...
by Pedobear
22 Dec 2018, 00:39
Forum: General Chat
Topic: What's been going on?
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Re: What's been going on?

Only ten days till the new year! Time goes by faster than we realize!
by Pedobear
26 Oct 2018, 22:34
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: *Flashsteps behind you*
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Re: *Flashsteps behind you*

What the heck is this?
by Pedobear
25 Oct 2018, 00:01
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Fwg forum rest in pieces
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Re: Fwg forum rest in pieces

I am not dead nor shall "Fwig" I havent been here in way too long... only reason I got on is because YouTube crashed world wide and I didnt know where else to go. I sound like a homeless person looking for refuge haha... good ol' Fwig always has your back. Anytime I find the time to get o...
by Pedobear
22 Jun 2018, 00:30
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Birthday Thread
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Re: Birthday Thread

A thread for logging birthdays. All of them. January 4: Marvella January 5: Purpledeer January 11: DriveThru Whale January 26: The Divine Potato February 16: Zia February 28: Kingsley March 2: Minana March 12: DukeTheOneAndOnly March 29: Tycoon March 31: Fredito9 April 2: Evilzombie April 5: Percyc...
by Pedobear
21 Jun 2018, 00:42
Forum: General Chat
Topic: I'm not gone.
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Re: I'm not gone.

I never even knew you were offline for so long.
by Pedobear
19 May 2018, 22:06
Forum: Game Chat
Topic: Starbound
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Re: Starbound

I've never heard of it.
by Pedobear
19 May 2018, 22:04
Forum: Forum games and misc.
Topic: Storymaker
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Re: Storymaker

me the world
by Pedobear
16 Apr 2018, 23:57
Forum: Serious Discussion
Topic: is a lack of net neutrality going to kill fwg
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Re: is a lack of net neutrality going to kill fwg

The site losing activity on forum and chat is because kids are getting into social media younger, so less and less rely on sites like FWG to meet new people and communicate. I personally got no social media till 2015 but was using FWG since 2011, but unfortunately situations like this isn't the nor...
by Pedobear
05 Apr 2018, 17:35
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Wasabi's room
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Re: Wasabi's room

Archangel wrote:
Rainshard500 wrote:
Boxorino wrote:
Wasabi wrote:Dream crushed and thrown in the trash...

gasp!!! unacceptable!!!



I know, right! :lol:

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