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by Demitri
09 Jun 2016, 03:01
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Guess who's back
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Re: Guess who's back

Cracks knuckles...fingers...toes...neck..........dies-
Wb dood
by Demitri
02 Jun 2016, 21:56
Forum: General Chat
Topic: fanfiction
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Re: fanfiction

FRook x bug blatter beast
by Demitri
01 Jun 2016, 03:19
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Map of Tranquility
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Re: Map of Tranquility (2nd try)

Well I can't pull up the map and add to it but in the small area that goes into the water near the bottom of the map off the coast is where demitri lives on a hill overlooking the Macharin Village
by Demitri
01 Jun 2016, 02:52
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: Establishing Tranquility Canon
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Re: Establishing Tranquility Canon

I'm not entirely sure what else falls in lines except events that happened. What about the current status of demigods or anything like that related to the old gods?
by Demitri
29 May 2016, 20:52
Forum: General Chat
Topic: 10 books to read this May
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Re: 10 books to read this May

Agatha Christie all the way. Mystery and stuff
by Demitri
29 May 2016, 06:39
Forum: Para-RP
Topic: Halp
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Can someone teach me how to para again. I'm as rusty as a swing been sitting in rain for years
by Demitri
29 May 2016, 06:30
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Hi
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Hi I'm back from a small hiatus. Moved in to new house n finally got interwebs. So uh. Packing and crap sucks especially cleaning the new house which hasn't been used in 5 years. So yea, moving sucks. Also I'm back . Also- the heck happened to rp
by Demitri
20 May 2016, 18:19
Forum: Role-playing
Topic: RP is dying.... what do we do?
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Re: RP is dying.... what do we do?

I try I really do. But when someone goes brb they kinda don't come back. I've done the same.
by Demitri
26 Apr 2016, 01:42
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Confession Stand
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Re: Confession Stand

i am secretly James Bond's third grandson's second uncle's brother of his grandson's son' cousin twice removed
by Demitri
24 Apr 2016, 20:21
Forum: General Chat
Topic: FWG games linked to community
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Re: FWG games linked to community

I like this idea.

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