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by Fredito9
17 Feb 2017, 02:28
Forum: Forum games and misc.
Topic: Random Insults
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Re: Random Insults

Love that fake smile
by Fredito9
17 Feb 2017, 02:24
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Angel's Thread
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Re: Angel's Thread

I was scrolling through Facebook during lunch at work and found out that Harper got engaged today... I wanted him to stay single forever and be miserable and I especially wanted to get engaged before him, but out of nowhere he's engaged! After being really pissed off about this for an hour, I came ...
by Fredito9
06 Feb 2017, 02:36
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Favorite Super Bowl Commercial/'s
Replies: 2
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Favorite Super Bowl Commercial/'s

What was/is your favorite Super Bowl commercial/'s?
Make sure to send a link of the commercial if possible, to let that like flow.
by Fredito9
28 Jan 2017, 23:06
Forum: Game Chat
Topic: Pokmon Star Rumors and Info/thoughts
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Pokmon Star Rumors and Info/thoughts

I just heard about this game...which really came up to me while searching for a new DS Lite and I just want your thoughts on what you have to say for Pokemon Star. Are you happy for one or just iffy. Let your thoughts fly! Link of an article I currently found.
by Fredito9
15 Jan 2017, 00:02
Forum: General Chat
Topic: i am going
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Re: i am going

It was fine knowing ya, Best of luck too :P

by Fredito9
27 Dec 2016, 20:03
Forum: General Chat
Topic: How did you join FWG?
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Re: How did you join FWG?

I know for a fact that Pokemon Tower Defense around the year of 2011-09 but didn't really have interest in anything else quite frankly. Not until I was a bit older and more adapted to the website and I guess how things worked. I guess the mayor thing that brought me here was games that caught my int...
by Fredito9
13 Dec 2016, 01:53
Forum: General Chat
Topic: HELP
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I heard Skull Candy and Playstation have some nice ones.
by Fredito9
21 Nov 2016, 19:57
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Death(RIP) Misu
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Death(RIP) Misu

Me and my family found this stray kitten that suddenly appeared in the front of our house. It was cute nice and was happy going with all of the chickens we had along with out dog. A few months passed and today on November/21/16 marked the last day of it's life. Getting ran over by a car while I was ...
by Fredito9
01 Nov 2016, 22:09
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Death...
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Re: Death...

I'm glad to know eyes aren't shut Frook.
by Fredito9
15 Oct 2016, 21:12
Forum: General Chat
Topic: discussions about my (soon-to-come) drawing tablet!
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Re: discussions about my (soon-to-come) drawing tablet!

I'd say the two most important things to start off with are the two I voted for, probably the first 2 but I can't remember atm. I just want to say if you are focused on things like human bodies you shouldn't go into objects( I mean they are important if you aren't focusing on humans and etc)and shad...

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