Problems with being a girl

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Re: Problems with being a girl

Postby Boxorino » 19 Feb 2016, 22:25

Icamenal wrote:
Boxorino wrote:
Icamenal wrote:
Boxorino wrote:being bisexual and flirting with girls and not knowing their sexuality so if they're straight they think you're just complementing them... i think this only applies to me though... #bisexualproblems

Don't boys get this problem too?

actually now that i think about it boy's kinda have it worse in this case because it's seen in our society as gay to be kind to another man about something like his appearance so if a gay guy flirts with a straight guy chances are that straight guy's gonna be grossed out.
long story short if a boy flirts with another boy it's automatically gonna be known because guys complimenting guys is not very common in our society.

also pansexuals and lesbians get this problem too. didn't mean to leave you guys out.

I think everyone has this problem.
Except maybe asexual homosapiens.

no i think it's just cisgendered females and males who flirt with the same gender.
that was dramatic. still ready 2 die tho!

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Re: Problems with being a girl

Postby Vienna » 22 Feb 2016, 06:16

Dr Frook wrote: agreed, best to be male :D


So... I'm a man now, right?
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