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Re: Makeup

Posted: 25 Nov 2015, 19:15
by Angel
Always make sure your face is clean before putting on any makeup.
And yes, that red mark on my forehead is a birth mark, and it goes purple when I get really angry.

I use concealer under my eyes to hide the dark circles, and on blemishes so they aren't so noticeable.

Then I put on two thin layers of foundation so it doesn't look thick and caked on.

Powder will set your foundation and make your skin feel less oily.

I only use one color of eye shadow, coffee (Disclaimer: not actual coffee, that's just the name).
Once applied, I blend it in with my finger so it isn't too dark.

Next comes the eye liner. Sometimes it doesn't like to cooperate with me, but thankfully today it did.

And lastly, the mascara.

Final results!

Everything I used and their prices (in American money):
Cover Girl Radiantly Gorgeous Concealer $10
Cover Girl Fit Me! Foundation $10
Cover Girl Dream Wonder Powder $10
Cover Girl Coffee Eye Shadow $3
Mary Kay Black Gel Eye Liner $20
Cover Girl Brown Mascara $7
Total makeup cost: $60

I had honestly never added up the costs to all of these before...that is A LOT of money going in to makeup, but I only have to buy the expensive stuff once every 6 months to a year.

Re: Makeup

Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 11:37
by ellahays86
Great Tips