Girly girl or Tomboy?

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Re: Girly girl or Tomboy?

Postby Excalibur » 30 Jun 2015, 04:19

Vienna wrote:Right. I can see where you're coming from. My second response to you came from a place of hurt, since I didn't think you were being sincere and were just throwing words together non-chalantly, and at the time I felt like that needed to be addressed. Regardless of whether there was sincerity or not (and all has been put out on the table now), I shouldn't be hoity-toity enough to think it's my place to go "educating" people. This is my first time on a forum or chat ect, so please bare with me as I learn my way around the digital world: Think first, write after :oops:

I'm sorry, Excalibur. I went too far. And, I shouldn't have made assumptions. I bet it didn't feel so hot to have some crazed woman hounding you. Yikes...

I am not usually so irritable. Recently, I did quit one of my jobs due to the unrelenting sexism and recurring sexual harassment. This doesn't justify me being a hard-ass (can I say that?). I'm just insecure enough that I want you to know I am not always such a stiff, and this was my little way of licking some wounds.

No Worries :) Welcome to FWG :P Ur like the new new person now. Congrats.
J was the last new new person... dont tell her i said that.
Also let's get this thread back on TOPICCCCC

If I was a girl, I would Totes be a Tom Boy.
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