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Re: First Kiss

Postby Nudu » 10 Oct 2014, 15:50

My first kiss sucks coz i had it with the wrong person and to be super honestly i didnt feel a thing.. I didnt even a feel a burst of pleasure (normally am a bundle of excitement). The first kiss was nothing to me.. so i am not considering it has my first kiss. thereby, awaiting my FIRST KISS

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Re: First Kiss

Postby Sasha » 19 Jan 2015, 17:37

I did a little paper thing where you push it, it opens and it says boy or girl, I chose boy, then it opens further and says kill, push, hug, or kiss, I chose kiss, then you choose i number between one and twelve. I ended up having to kiss my crush ;-; we dated soon afterwards tho so it was okay...he was a good kisser :3 :lol:

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Re: First Kiss

Postby Percyception » 30 Nov 2016, 17:48

Percyception wrote:
Shadowstar1922 wrote:
Percyception wrote:It may or may not have happened.
But I don't know if I wanna post details here yet.

i wanna know you should totally post deets brosef *~*

So her name is Carly and she has green eyes and light brown hair and always has her hair in a ponytail.

Also she calls me "E" in part of it and that's because E is the first letter if my name. She never calls me that unless it's serious stuff.

Now, to the kiss.

First, we must travel back in time.
You can skip this part, it just makes the kiss make a LOT more sense.

We've known each other since kindergarten, but this is wear our story begins: 6th grade. Some kid is pickin' on her, and she's SUPER ticked off, so she's like "Please, just frickin go away." He replies, "Why should I?" And so she grabs my arm, (I was walking with her) and she says, "Because, my boyfriend will hurt you!" And inside I'm like "holy crap boyfriend" but I say to the kid "Y-Yea! S-So, beat it, j-jerk!" He acts like he's not scared, but he actually was sorta scared of me.

After school, we were walking home (we live pretty close to each other) and she's like, "Thanks, for, uh, what you did, b-back there... at school earlier today." I'm like, "No problem. I woulda beefed the guy up if he didn't stop buggin' ya. -flex-" She laughed, but said, "You do realize you're not really my boyfriend, right?" "O-Oh. I k-knew that." She giggled and said "Dork." I could tell she was blushing hard though, and I knew I was too.

Now that I've given you the back-story, the actual kiss part will make sense!

May 13, 2014. 9:42 PM

We were leaning on the rail of her tree house, the first fireflies of Summer happily blinking their graceful light in the dark. The moon light glimmering on her pool, and we were alone. She just had a pool party, and I stayed to help her clean everything up. We had finished putting everything up, but with her parents out, her sisters asleep, and everyone gone, we stayed outside to talk. "Thanks for helping me out." "No problem." Sooner or later we talked about when we were kids. Then, we started talking about that day in the 6th grade, and she said that the kid that picked on her was at the party, but he wasn't a jerk anymore. I said, "Well, if he picks on you, you can always get me, 'cuz I'm your 'boyfriend'" She laughed, and then suddenly started to blush. She looked like she wasn't feeling very well.
"Are you, uh, okay?" "Y-Yea, I-I'm fine." "Do you need water? Some food, maybe? You may be hungry." She took a deep breath. "E, I've had a crush on you ever since that day. Like, big-time." "...I had a crush on you since then too." She, like, exploded in blush-ness. "R-Really? Y-You have?" "'Course I have, but... I didn't know you liked me." "I like you a lot. Let me prove it."
-she leaned in, and kissed me, for what felt like forever, and I wish it did last forever, yo.- "Well. That proves that." She giggled. "Dork."


this is so gay and i still remember it like yesterday
but it feels hazy now like a dream
i miss her
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Re: First Kiss

Postby lineskis » 26 Aug 2017, 03:25

lineskis wrote:i was always expecting to try it on canada day cuz then there would actually be fireworks. mmm nope that didnt happen. it happened at a school dance in the kissing cove then the photo booth. lol. the kissing cove is a nook on the side of the building that we alays have our school dances. any one who attends my school has probly kissed threr once and about 20 percent of them that wass probably the place of thier first kiss. any way... everybody else waits arpound the other side of the corner a cheers and watnot when they are done. i always thought it wAS a pathetic ritual. id just sit on the dumpster and throw rocks at the stone statue of mary. then this year a boy took my hand and led me to the nook without anybody following so we wouldnt get all akward when we came out and to be honest with you it was disgusting. no fireworks. just a flopping stomavhe and sweaty hands. so yeah short lived thought of "the majicle first kiss"
live long and prosper

lol I made this story up when I was 12 because I wanted to be cool and was obsessed with romance (but I wouldn't be caught dead admitting to it). I'm sorry that I made up this unexceptional story to make you think I was grown.
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