whats your most embarissing moment

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Re: whats your most embarissing moment

Postby Minana » 02 Aug 2015, 21:23

I was about 6-7 years old and i was obsessed with this Dutch girl band called K3.
I'd sing their songs all the freaking time xD
So i was at my grandma's house and i was a bit bored so i walked to my grandma's car, climbed onto the bumper and started to sing at the top of my lungs. I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard me XD
Then i decided to take a few steps towards the edge of the bumper and that ended up in me literally face-planting onto the ground. It hurt... A LOT :lol:
My clothes got all dirty and i even got a little bit of sand in my mouth (ew)

And when i went inside to tell my grandma (who had company over) what happened, everyone in the room laughed and i just started to cry XD

It was so embarrassing back then, but now it's hilarious :lol:
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Re: whats your most embarissing moment

Postby Boxorino » 03 Aug 2015, 01:46

Boxorino wrote:i think the most embarrassing moment for the person who made this topic was when they realized they spelled 'embarrassing' wrong... xD

that was dramatic. still ready 2 die tho!

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Re: whats your most embarissing moment

Postby Foxeh 10 » 26 Aug 2015, 14:42

The moment where your past crush realizes that you liked him back then and that he notices it because of the things I was saying back then.
So, remembering the past is so embarrassing :oops:

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Re: whats your most embarissing moment

Postby alone555 » 03 Jul 2016, 07:25

once i wrote a love letter to a guy i liked,and he read it in front of his friends........ :cry:
Look down at others :evil: =lack of moral cultivation :(

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