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Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 16 Jan 2013, 01:58
by adhill008
Well, I created this so you guys can post how is it that you survive interacting with the opposite sex. Yes gentlemen, put on your life rafts, floaties and keep your stuffed teddy bear close because we are about to talk about : HOW TO DEAL WITH GIRLS.

These are the things I've noticed when talking to girls and you guys can correct me or add on to it:

1. When a girl/girlfriend/girl bestfriend says She is ok, even though there is obviously a problem, DO NOT JUST SAY OK AND MOVE ON, actually take the time to find out what is wrong even if she is unwilling unless it's a random stranger then you might want to start running because she might call the police.....

2. When you are hanging out with a girl, DO NOT start making fun of the way she dresses or her appearance. Although she may laugh, she WILL take it to heart and will most definitely remember it for future encounters/get togethers.

3. NEVER EVER EVER LIE to a girl unless it is the only way of you being able to continue living your life and not ending up in a wooden box in the ground. Lying to a girl is a very tricky subject because they ALWAYS remember the times you lied and what the actual lie was and before you know it the lies keep mounting up more and more and suddenly you are on MOUNT EVERLIAREST and no girl will ever trust you again.

4. Give a girl a compliment occasionally REGARDLESS if you like her or not. It will make HER and YOUR day better.

5. When talking to a girl, ESPECIALLY the one you may have feelings for, DO NOT check out other girls while talking to her. It is completely disrespectful and whether you believe it or not, SHE WILL notice. Girls have eyes in the back of their head so they don't have to turn around to see which girl you are checking out. True fact.

6. It is important to talk/argue/reason with your significant other but while doing so DO NOT demean her as a person in anyway. People make mistakes and although girls will hold you up higher for the mistakes you've made, it is important not to do the same with her.

7. No matter how much you really want to be friends with a girl or even more than that, do not risk you personal happiness just to achieve that goal. If she continues to treat you as if you are below her, simply drop her because there are better people out there.

8. Depending on her personality or mood swings, girls tend to be more sensitive and emotional when they are having "their special time of the month". It is important during this time not to try your best to aggravate her but simply offer kind words and take her "slick attitude" as a sign that she is definitely going through more pain than you during this time.

9. Do not use girls for your own personal gain. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because you could possibly in the long run end up in the hospital with a nine inch heel shoved up "the place where the sun don't shine."

10. Although girls are extremely complex to deal understand, they still would prefer you doing simple things such as walking up and saying "Hi or Hello" rather than you spending five hours trying to come up with an opener and falling flat when you approach her. REMEMBER they are human beings too except they bleed out of weird places and like flowers, and perfume and other weird useless stuff.....just kidding.

11. If you want to be friends with a girl or even more than friends, DO NOT spend long hours staring at her trying to imagine the both of you in the future. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT A LOT and more than likely while you were sitting there daydreaming about the both of you or how are you going to become friends with her, she already noticed you and has already formulated the idea in her mind that you are either A) A stalker B) A Lunatic or C) A creep.

12)Girls want a friend/"special friend" who will be able to make the necessary decisions in certain situations which will portray the "manly' role but they also want a guy that actually cares about their feelings and their troubles and also their accomplishments.

13) Responding to the previous post, girls want a guy that is able to keep calm in tense situations and make the necessary decisions, they still want a guy that shows emotions such as getting angry over an idea or want that you're trying to achieve, or showing joy in your accomplishments. No girl wants a "one trick pony" especially when the one trick is a straight face.

14) When a girl gets angry with you and you become angered at her reaction, DO NOT take out your frustration on her. More than likely if you do, she will complain to her friends and then they will complain to their friends and suddenly there is a rumor going around that you are abusive. Which could END your social life with females. Show anger but do not take it out on her.

15) This seems to be a big miss by guys but goes over really important with girls. They want a guy to be not only goofy, sweet or romantic but they also want a guy to take charge and be the leader or dominant person in the relationship. Girls have a natural attraction to the leader because it displays his ability to, well lead and take charge in not only calm situations and decisions but also in times of crises. But an important note to remember: Be dominant but not overbearing. They like a guy that can take charge, not one that orders them around constantly as if they're your child.

16) When talking to a girl, if you make a joke that may not come off as well, just laugh or play it off. DO NOT stress over it if she doesn't give you positive feedback. It is important to NOT shrug it off but LAUGH or PLAY it off because it displays your ability to laugh at yourself too when you make mistakes and it shows them in a sense that you're not afraid to grow from failure.

17) For all the guys trying to get a "special friend", this is a very important step that you need to take immediately as you greet/meet a girl for the first time. It is important to make SOME SORT OF PHYSICAL CONNECTION WITH HER such as a handshake, a hug or even just touching her shoulder or arm. This will create a level of attraction and intimacy between you both because unlike most guys, girls respond better and are more comfortable with a guy when some sort of physical connection is made. BUT do not over do it such as hugging her thirty times within the space of a minute because you will come off as a creep and she will more than likely take off for the hills.

18) To make a friendship or "special friendship" with a girl more comfortable and easier, a guy has to show her most times during the friendship that he is not only interested and open in the friendship, but is comfortable with it too. If you are trying to make a connection with a girl, DO NOT shut yourself down or become reclusive around her after you have built some level of foundation with her. Keep being open to discussion and keen to her interests in order to keep the friendship alive and strong.

19) It is important to remember that EVERY GIRL IS DIFFERENT. Some may look the same but they are all unique in their own way. So what may be comfortable for other may not be for others. Generally, to maintain a good friendship with a girl, you should develop a level of tolerance and patience with her in order to reap the benefits of the friendship.

20) It is easy for a girl to forget a guy she just met unless he interested her in some way. What you may see as a memory you will never forget, she may forget your face and name five seconds later. So a general rule to remember is that if you want a girl to remember you so the both of you can develop a friendship or relationship later on, try to connect yourself to something that interests her.

These are some of the things I've noticed about dealing with girls, feel free to add more to it.

Peace, Be safe and Remember Kids, Santa is real and so is Pedo Bear Hiding in your closet.

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 19 Jan 2013, 02:00
by Lamb
I hope this is the Beta Phase of the Manual...

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 23:41
by adhill008
Yeah it's just starting out which is why with the help of other guys it can be better.

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 04:50
by lineskis
we like it when guys are silly with us but still act idk dominant. but its still a big thing i think you guys overlook

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 07:32
by meiguorach
lineskis wrote:we like it when guys are silly with us but still act idk dominant. but its still a big thing i think you guys overlook


Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 05:35
by adhill008
Thanks for the advice and clarification, it's really appreciated.

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls, Friends and "Special Friends"

Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 02:36
by Lamb
._. *Keeps Reading* about a chapter for what to do when you are already their "friend"..

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls, Friends and "Special Friends"

Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 03:32
by mmm
The guy without a girlfriend would like to add that in general, yes dominance is an issue (Girls don't want to make every decision, which is a common mistake we guys make when trying to be nice; IE, tell her when you'll pick her up or what movie you'll see [while remaining courteous]). But no need to act a tough guy when you're not one etc. otherwise you're just being dishonest.

But there is a difference between being confident and being a tough guy, the former being necessary.

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 12 Feb 2013, 22:07
by Shadow00
The nature of the woman mind's way of working is really complex.
In fact, it goes from A to C, then goes round the whole alphabet before getting to B.
So if you want a girl not to be disappointed in any way by you, don't meet her.
But, since you must meet a girl sooner or later, find one that has some patience.
Otherwise, you know, you're going to have a bad time.

Re: Manual For Guys For Girls

Posted: 16 Feb 2013, 16:03
by adhill008
Thanks for the continued help and support of this thread! :D