666 escape walkthrough

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666 escape walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 18 Dec 2009, 06:38


Click the top of the 2 bottom shelves with the folded clothes to zoom in

Now click the bottom left set of clothes to change the view -- get the file

Back up 2 times

Click the wall just over the bed pillows -- get the flint

Back up

Click between the pillows -- you are zoomed in where you can see the brown headboard between the pillows

Click where the headboard meets the bottom right corner of the back pillow (above the sheet) -- see the puzzle

Click the symbols to re-create the Eye of Providence (All Seeing Eye) symbol from the US dollar bill (the puzzle is easy, just leave the eye at the top center square and then click to make the other fit. The bottom center square is empty)

You will see the symbol completed when you are done

Read the Roman numerals

Back up until you see the whole bed scene again

Click the right nightstand

There are 4 squares hidden on the 2 drawers where you can enter numbers -- near upper left corner and bottom right corner of the top drawer and slightly right of top middle and bottom left of the bottom drawer

Translate MDCCLXXVI into numbers (you can use a Roman numeral converter in the internet if you need) and then set the numbers from the upper left to lower right

Click the dark outlined square that is below and to the right the bottom middle number (the second 7)

Get the key

Back up

Click the left nightstand where it meets the edge of the bed

Use the key on the bottom drawer -- get the bomb

Back up 2 times

Click below the end of the bed -- get the yellow string

Drag the string to the bomb in your inventory

Drag the file to the flint in your inventory, too

Back up 2 times and you have turned around to the rest of the room

Place the bomb by the door

Drag the flint and file to it to light the bomb

You have escaped!

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