Ladybird Escape

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Ladybird Escape

Postby Dr Frook » 18 Dec 2009, 21:20

Collect pillow in front of the door

Click on fruit. Get Ladybug in center of fruit.

Go Left. Click on wood below Fireplace. Click the arrows so that they go clockwise around the circle. Click the Circle. Get Key.

Back up one screen. Click the lower right part of the chair. Get Ladybug

Back up one screen. Go Left. Click Pot with Flower in the center of the table. Get Ladybug up on the Flower.

Back up one screen. Click Plant on the piano. Click fullest part of the plant. Get leaf.

Back up on screen. Click Piano. Click pedals. Get ladybug in upper right.

Back up two screens. Go Left. Use Key on Left Cabinet. Get Chicken

Go Left twice. Click on chair. Put pillow on chair seat. Put chicken on Pillow. Give Leaf to Chicken. Get Egg.

Click on Egg to enlarge it. Click on Egg to open it. Get Key.

Back up one screen. Go Left. Click on Bottom of Door.

Put a ladybug at the bottom of each pipe and let them crawl up to the top so that the lights turn green.

Back up one screen. Use Key on Door.

And you are out of the room!

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