Slammer Escape 2

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Slammer Escape 2

Postby Dr Frook » 29 Nov 2011, 02:24

Zoom on the door (move the cursor until you get a forward arrow on the door)
Click the window once, and it will ask you if you want to reach through
Click it again, and your shirt is ripped
Get the PIECE OF CLOTH from the window frame
Back up
Turn right
Click to zoom on the corner of the room
It will say cool air is coming through the cracks
Click in the middle of the screen where you can see some smaller rocks in the shadows
It will ask you if you want to take the rock
Click again and get a ROUND ROCK
Back up and turn right 2 times so you are facing the back wall
If you zoom on the center of this wall and it mentions that some rocks are weak
Turn right
Zoom on the hole at the top of the wall
There is an arrow pointing at the left hole – click there and get the FIRST PAPER PIECE
Click in the right hole and find a PIECE OF FLINT
Go right
Zoom at the top of the corner
There is another arrow rock near the right edge of the screen
Click where the arrow is pointing and get the SECOND PAPER PIECE
Turn left 3 times and you are facing the back wall again
Zoom on the back wall
There is another arrow rock at the bottom right of the wall
Click below it for the PAPER CLUE (Note: You dig this up from underground using the flint, so you have to have the flint piece!)

How to escape:
Click the paper made out of the 2 half pieces. There are 2 grids of letters here. Each letter on the top section has triangle shaped lines around it: e.g., > is around the letter H and V is around the letter I. The grid below has square lines around each letter: e.g., L is around the letter l and 7 is around the letter S.

The second paper has a cryptogram at the top. Convert the shapes at the top using either the triangle or square shapes to identify each letter. For example: >V< translates as HIT. Keep going, and the cryptogram says “hit the circled rocks!”

Below the cryptogram is an image of the back wall’s rocks. You can see that the center ones have circles on them.

Zoom on the back wall and click those rocks. To do this, you need the round rock to hit the wall. If you don’t have the cloth, you will get beat up for making too much noise so make sure you have the cloth first.

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Re: Slammer Escape 2

Postby vampire hotty » 04 Dec 2011, 20:23

R there all of the gamez damn

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