Christmas Escape

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Christmas Escape

Postby Dr Frook » 23 Dec 2009, 02:47

1. Take the Tinsel on Top of Left-Side Window

2. Take Snowflake from Middle-Left side of Left-Side Window

3. Move Right

4. Click on the Left-Side Picture, on Top of Fireplace [The picture with Blue Frame] - take Cookies from behind

5. Click on the 1st Stocking on Right-Side of Fireplace, the one that says “ME”, to get a Scissor

6. Take the Stocking on most Right-Side

7. Move Right 2 Times

8. Click on the Pillow, on Middle of Sofa, to remove it. Take the Star from below

9. Look at Bottom-Right side of Screen [When I say screen, I don't mean the Inventory] - you’ll see a Green Present with Red Bow. Use Scissor on that Present, and click on it when it’s on the Sofa, to remove it! Take the Milk Powder

10. Click on Right-Side Horn of the Reindeer in the Window, to get a Tree Branch

11. Look at the Cherries on Top-Left side. Look at the Top of them, and take the Pink Decoration Ball

12. Move Left

13. Use Milk Powder on Cup, on Table [Left-Side], and place Cookies on Plate

14. Click on the Red Present under the Tree, ot get Candy Stick. Put all the Items left, on the Tree [Just click on the Tree after selecting an Item]

15. Once done, put the Star on Tree, take Key [Bottom-Right side of Tree], Move Right 2 Times, and use Key on Door

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