Hidden Alphabet 11 Walkthrough

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Hidden Alphabet 11 Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 23 Dec 2009, 07:19


A. Above bed.
B. At end of bed, on top, on blanket.
C. On bottom/middle of the left wall lamp.
D. On front of bed.
E. Top right of right window.
F. Right side of bed, on blanket.
G. On overhanging sheet of bed (right side).
H. On left yellow chair.
I. On orange nightstand.
J. On middle/top of left wall lamp.
K. On bottom of left wall lamp.
L. On corner/leg of bed.
M. On red chair on left.
N. Under bed, close to corner.
O. On red round thing on black nightstand.
P. In middle of right window.
Q. On sculpture in front of left window.
R. On headstand of bed.
S. On yellow flowers, right side of bed.
T. On the bottom of black nightstand.
U. On paining/sculpture/lamp on the wall in back corner.
V. On sculpture/lamp in front of right window.
W. On floor, bottom left.
X. Under red chair on left.
Y. On right side of the bed, close to orange nightstand.
Z. On bottom of right wall lamp.

A. On the right speaker.
B. On back of chair in the back.
C. On the back wall, top left.
D. On the back wall, behind the left white hanging closet (top left).
E. Left side of the tuner/stereo.
F. Top left of white vase.
G. On the top of the right white hanging closet.
H. Left of the books, below the tv.
I. Under tv, between tv and speaker.
J. On the left window.
K. On the left hanging white closet.
L. On the back wall, bottom left.
M. On the little cupboards in the back, close to the right chair.
N. In tv screen, bottom left.
O. In the right corner in the back, at the bottom.
P. On the speaker below the tv.
Q. On the bottom of the right white hanging closet.
R. Middle of the tv screen.
S. On the right wall.
T. On the tuner/stereo, top right.
U. Upside down on the right speaker.
V. In the right corner in the back, a bit above the white closets.
W. On the black vase, left in the back.
X. On the one cookie on the right plate on the table.
Y. Between the books in the back.
Z. In the picture in the book on the table.

A. In the corner of the kitchen (above the second counter chair from the left).
B. On the right side of the brown/black closet in the back, close to the window.
C. On the wall between th tv and the windows, above the lamp.
D. On the left chair in front of the counter left in the back.
E. Outside, first window from the left, bottom branch of the tree.
F. On floor, in front of couch/tv.
G. Top left of the left window.
H. High on the right wall.
I. Left of the chimney in the back, looks like a hanging lamp.
J. In right window (it's green).
K. On the ceiling, a bit left of the middle, close to the lamp.
L. On the floor under the table.
M. On penholder on the table (right).
N. Left side of the counter left in the back (could be the Z).
O. Lamp in the ceiling, the one above the table.
P. On the stairs, top right of the picture.
Q. Outside, first window from the left on the bottom of the wall.
R. Second window from the left, top left.
S. On the wall above the tap in the kitchen.
T. Left of the chimney, left in the back.
U. Top of the third window from the left.
V. On top of brown/black closet in the back.
W. On ceiling, top middle of picture.
X. On back of left table chair.
Y. On wall above the windows.
Z. On tv screen (could be the N).

A. Outside, bottom right window.
B. On front of left bed, right side.
C. On back wall, in the middle on water surface.
D. On left bed.
E. On left bed, bottom left.
F. On shark right above left bed.
G. Outside in branch of tree.
H. On left side of headstand of left bed.
I. On top of front of left bed.
J. Nose of shark above lamp.
K. On back wall on striped fish on right.
L. On right bed, left side, on edge.
M. In nightstand, next to the books.
N. Left of bottom of lamp.
O. On nose of the shark above right side of left bed.
P. On front left pole of left bed.
Q. On back wall, on brown fish in middle.
R. On front pillow of left bed.
S. Left under lamp.
T. Top left of curtains, almost at ceiling.
U. On top left side of the headstand of left bed.
V. Upside down on boat.
W. On back wall, top right, in the trees.
X. On left side of left bed.
Y. Under lamp.
Z. On middle pillow of left bed, left side.

A. On top of cupboard, on right side.
B. Top right of door at the back.
C. On side of right door/window, in middle on leaf.
D. To (top) right of couch.
E. On left standing lamp.
F. On back wall, top right.
G. In left chair.
H. On floor, bottom left.
I. On right door, top left, it's grey.
J. On chandelier, right side.
K. On back wall, a bit top left, above right side of the door at the back.
L. On floor in the middle.
M. On right standing lamp.
N. Flowers above couch, a bit to the right.
O. On side of right chair.
P. On ceiling on left.
Q. In leaves, top right.
R. On left purple pillow on couch.
S. In leaves, top left.
T. On left pillow on couch.
U. On left window, in the middle.
V. On right window, a little below the middle.
W. On top of cupboard, in middle.
X. On violet top flower on right.
Y. Above left part of couch.
Z. Bottom right of screen, it's green, it's in the leafs

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