Christmas Cabin Escape Walkthrough

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Christmas Cabin Escape Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 20 Dec 2011, 02:07

1. From the first scene facing the front door (note how clicking on the front door tells you the key hole is gold) click the pair of shoes to reveal a black key.
2. Collect the log which is hiding behind the treasure chest to the left.
3. Click the arrow on the right to move to the scene with the TV. Check each of the drawers in the chest of drawers to find a screwdriver underneath the Xmas card.
4. Move right again to the scene with the chequers game (Note the positions of the chequers form a pattern) and then move right again to the fireplace scene.
5. Check each of the Xmas stockings to find a yellow lightbulb.
6. Use the black key to open the door to reveal the bathroom scene.
7. Check the medicine cabinet and move the pots to reveal a book of matches.
8. Move the green mat to reveal a silver key.
9. Note how the colourful towels and mats are positioned in the colours Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Blue.
10. Leave the bathroom and go back to the chequers scene. Open the door with the silver key.
11. Open each of the cupboards finding another log and then using the screwdriver on the one that's stuck. Take the red lightbulb.
12. Click on the reindeer and turn it round to reveal a puzzle. Line up the sliders to the same positions as the chequers. This will open the reindeer to reveal a white key.
13. Move back to the scene with the TV and use the white key to open the door.
14. In the bedroom open the drawers of the bedside tables to reveal a log and move the pillows to reveal a purple lightbulb.
15. Move back to the fireplace scene. Place the three logs on the fire and use the matches to light the fire. Take the blue lightbulb.
16. Move back to the front door scene. Focus in on the treasure chest and remembering the colour sequence from the bathroom, click the buttons to match the sequence. The chest will open to reveal a green lightbulb.
17. Move back to the fireplace. Place the five coloured lightbulbs in the spaces on the tree. The gold key will appear.
18. Move back to the front door and use the gold key to open the door and escape.

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