Must Escape the Ice Cave Walkthrough

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Must Escape the Ice Cave Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 31 Jan 2012, 06:08

• You were playing in the snow when you fell into a hole in the ground. When you woke up you realized you were stuck in a n ice cave. Now… You must Escape the Ice Cave.
• You find yourself in a room of the ice cave, there is a spot for a fire, a crate that needs something to remove the lid and another crate that has a locked box inside requiring a 3 digit number.
• Move right, Pick up the log and the bucket. Move right. Notice that there is something too high to reach and there is some nice snow for packing next to it. Use the bucket on the nice snow to make some steps to reach the item up on the wall. Once the steps are made, take the item, it’s a hubcap.
• Move right, Take the wooden club lying against the tree, also take the loose straw from under the bed. Lift the pillow and take the black key. Note the numbers scratched on the wall. From left to right, you will find 5, 3, 7.
• Move left, use the wooden club to break the hole in the ice. An ice block will float to up, take the ice block.
• Move left 2 times, click on the open crate on the right, click on the locked box to take a closer look. Use the number you found on the wall, 5,3,7 to unlock the box. Inside you will find a lighter, take the lighter.
• Place the loose straw on the dark area for a fire. Then place the log. Light the fire. Now place the hubcap on the fire and then place the block of ice on the hubcap.
• After the block of ice melts, take the gold key and then light the wooden club to make a torch.
• Turn right, use the gold key to unlock the door. Go up through the door.
• Click on the little yeti and you will find that he wants some berries. Move right 2 times.
• Use the torch to melt the ice that is blocking the way. After the ice melts, take some berries. Also take a closer look at the barrels, you will find a crowbar leaning against the middle barrel. Take the crowbar.
• Turn left once, Click on the yeti and you will find that she wants a fish. Take a look at the TV, the top knob is wooden, take it for the missing drawer back in the other room.
• Turn left, give the yeti the berries, he will give you a fishing pole, take the fishing pole. Go down, and then right 2 times.
• Place the wooden knob on the drawer which is missing a knob. Once the knob is attached, look inside, you will find a pink crystal, take the pink crystal.
• Move left, Dip the fishing pole into the water and you will catch a fish.
• Move left 2 times. Use the crowbar to open the closed crate on the left. Then look inside, you will find a blue crystal, take the blue crystal.
• Move right, then up then right. Give the fish to the yeti, she will give you a purple crystal. Take the crystal.
• Turn left 3 times. Click on the yeti, he wants 3 colored crystals for his belt. Give him all 3 crystals and then he will move out of the way.
• Once the yeti moves, use the black key to unlock the door. Click the up arrow to leave the ice cave.
• Congratulations! You escaped the ice cave!

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