Friday Night Escape Walkthrough

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Friday Night Escape Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 25 Dec 2009, 00:38

Click the words on the back wall to see you need to add coffee and game

Turn right (take you cursor to the right until it forms a hand pointing in that direction)

Get the coffee cup from the bookcase

Click the top of the white circle on the blue thing on the left wall

Get the milk from between the iPod speakers

Click the bottom of the brown cabinet that is left of the blue thing to look under it -- get the battery

Turn right

Click inside the wicker trashcan -- get the game CD

Drag the game CD in the white thing to the left of the TV (game system)

Turn right

Get the coffee pot from on top of the white cabinet

Click the corner of the brown cabinet where it is equal to under the bed -- get the remote

Drag your battery in your inventory to the Wii remote

Click the blue pillow on the bed -- get the brown pile of stuff on the edge of the pillow case

Click the coffee cup in the inventory for an about item view

Add the coffee grounds (brown stuff)

Now add the water from the coffee pot (drag the pot)

Now add (drag the milk)

You now see your first number (changes each game)

Close that view

Turn left

Click your Wii controller and take it near the bottom right corner of the screen (the wrist should be covering the corner of the wall where it meets the carpet)

Click with your mouse and the game should start (move around a bit to find the right spot)

Kill all of the dolphins or spaceships or whatever they are

Get the second number

Press space bar to put the remote away

Turn 2 times and click the words on the back wall

Enter the code into the box (remember to add the 2 numbers)

Press the red circle

You escaped!

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