Millionth Bathroom Escape

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Millionth Bathroom Escape

Postby Dr Frook » 31 Dec 2009, 00:39

Note the key in the middle of the swirling purple dots, but you can’t get it
Note the base under the key has a place to enter numbers for circles, squares, and pentagon
There are 3 basins in this view, click the middle one (behind the purple dots) -- get the yellow flower
Back up
Click the right edge of the base with the purple dots -- see the robot made of squares (count them)
Turn right
See the lattice nearest you has a place to put your flowers
This view has 2 basins in the view
Click the left one -- get the flower
While still zoomed in move your cursor right until it becomes the large hand for turning
Turn right
See the snowman of circles -- count them
Turn left and back up
Click the right basin (the one just behind the yellow flower lattice
While zoomed in, look right -- get the flower
Turn left and back up
Turn right
See the door needs 2 keys and a code
Get the flower from the bench
Back up and you are facing the dots again
Turn left
There are 2 basins in this view
Click the left on, and while zoomed in, turn left
See the robot of pentagons -- count them
Turn right and back up
Click the base of the dots where you can enter the shape numbers
Click on the circle so you have a cursor and enter the number
Continue for the others and then hit the On button
The red button should light up if you have it right
Back up and see the dots are gone -- get the key
While facing the base still, click near the top of either of the pillars on the back wall
Get the last flower from the light
Back up
Turn right
Zoom in on the flower lattice
Place the flowers
Now click one of them and see different shapes
Look closely and see the shapes contain black upside down numbers that are mirrored
Set the numbers from 1 to 5. 1 in the upper left, 2 in upper right etc.
SPOILERthe arrow looking one,red,yellow,green,brownSPOILER
The hit the yellow button -- get the second key
Back up and turn right
Place the keys in the door frame
But what about the code?
Stare at the door and you will note some parts of the center door design are slightly darker
Hey! Those are numbers!
Read the numbers from top to bottom
Enter them in the boxes at the top of the door
Click the red square and you have escaped!

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