Speed Escape Walkthrough

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Speed Escape Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 08 Jan 2010, 01:49


• Area 1 – Castle Tower
o Start by accepting Kyle’s challenge to escape 3 areas within the time limit.
o Once you are in the first room, take the candle and put it in your inventory. Then take the candle holder and fill it with water from the bucket on the floor.
o Open the cabinet and take the dead fly and put it in your inventory.
o Move right, move the metal point that is attached to the bar at the top of the screen, move it again and it will fall. Take the metal point and place it on the end of the broom, then click the broom to break the lock on the chest. The chest will open, take the gem and also take the part of the lock that broke.
o Set the candle holder with water next to the mouse hole and a mouse will bring you another gem.
o Move to the right and place the dead fly on the spider web, a spider will bring you a gem.
o Click on the book that is covered in straw to reveal a gem. Note the slot in the wooden beam on the right.
o Move to the right and grab the sword from the wall, then head back to the left and stick the sword into the slot in the wooden beam to reveal another gem.
o Move left 2 times and you will end up back where you started, use the broken lock piece on the drawer that is missing a handle, then open the drawer to reveal another gem.
o Now move to the left. Stick the candle on the candle holder to reveal different colors on the shield.
o Place the colored gems to their corresponding colors on the shield and the center of the shield will fall to reveal a key, use the key to unlock the door and leave this room.
o Good job! On to the next area.

• Area 2 – Tree House
o Start by lifting the couch cushions to reveal an air pump, take the pump and move to the right.
o Use the pump to inflate the soccer ball, then take the soccer ball.
o Take the dart located on the dart board.
o Move the blanket to reveal a baseball.
o Move to the right, take the pool stick and move the cassette tapes around to reveal a battery.
o Click the hole in the floor. Notice the remote control is missing a battery. Click on the side of the remote control to turn it over and insert the battery. Flip the remote back over and press the remote to move the car down below, which will push the basketball onto the net.
o Click the back arrow to move back and then click on the end of rope near the wall. After the basketball is lifted up take it.
o Move to the right, move the book and use the pool stick to push the golf ball out of the hole.
o Use the dart to pop the balloon and release the tennis ball.
o Move to the right, place the balls onto the contraption, the spots tell you which ball goes where. The basketball sits on the platform on the left, then the golf ball, tennis ball, baseball and last the soccer ball.
o After all balls are set a key will fall, take the key and move to the left and use the key on the lock.
o Head down the hole to leave the area.

• Area 3 – Basement
o Start by removing the lid from the turkey pan, then take the turkey baster.
o Open the fuse box and flip the one fuse that is not the same as the others.
o Move to the right, take the basket of laundry and place them into the washer, then take the empty basket and place the clothes from the dryer into the basket.
o Take the key from the dryer and move back to the left. Use the key to unlock the door to reveal a gate still blocking the way out.
o Move to your right 2 times and then take the handle from the broom and place it in your inventory.
o Remove the gas lid from the lawn mower and then use the turkey baster to suck out some gas.
o Move to the right, take the wrench from the bench and then move back to the left.
o Use the wrench to remove the bolt holding the back wheel of the lawn mower on. Take the wheel from the lawn mower, place it in your inventory and move to the right.
o Plug in the band saw and then turn on the green button.
o Get the broom stick and cut off a piece on the band saw, then attach the piece to the top of the motor that is sitting on the floor.
o Remove the lid from the gas tank on the motor and fill it up with the gas from the turkey baster.
o Attach the wheel to the shaft on the motor. Then attach the chain to the wheel by clicking on the chain.
o Pull the handle to start the motor which will pull the chain and raise the gate that is blocking the exit.
o Move to the right and exit through the door.
o Congratulations! Kyle is no longer the master of escape, you are!!

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