Chess Room Escape

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Chess Room Escape

Postby Dr Frook » 11 Jan 2010, 01:17

Click under table. Get candle.
Turn right - get CD from floor, red key from dish on table
Go to the cabinets on the headboard of the bed. Use red key on drawer.
Get blue key. Open that one.
Get power supply.
There is a cable in the curtains to the right of the bed.
Use candle on mirror over the bed to get a code.
Enter that code into the phone to get green key.
Use green key to get CD writer.
Combine cable, CD writer, and power supply.
In the first screen, under the couch is an outlet. Use the CD writer there.
Use the CD on it, then get the CD again.
Use CD on the CD player to get yellow key.
Use yellow key to get white queen chess piece.
The scenario of the chess board is that you are white, and it’s your move. You have to put the queen in a spot to give you checkmate. You’ll have to take the pawn at F2 (sixth column, 2nd row).
Get gold coin from captured black king.
Use coin on door and you’re out.

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