Alice is Dead 2 Walkthrough

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Alice is Dead 2 Walkthrough

Postby NeonBond » 17 Jan 2010, 06:32 ... sdead2.htm

1st. click the sheet on the bed to obtain the bell
2nd. click the sheet again to obtain the sheet
3rd. click the broken glass on the medecine cabinet
4th. combine the glass with the sheet to make a knife
5th. flush the toilet, quicky look inside the toilet, and click on the magical nut
6th. click the x-rays on the wall, the dead man, and the key picture (you obtain nothing)
7th. click the button next to the dead mans hand
8th. Have an engaging conversation with the infamous Mad Hatter.
9th. Take your knife and cut the dead mans chest
10th. use the nut, and click the dead mans chest
11th. inside his stomach, take your knife and cut near the right side of his stomach
12th. Click the red eyes
13th. Pwn the monster with your knife (kill)
14th. open your cell door
15th. (optional) click the hole in the wall and watch with amazement
16th. enter the dark doorway
17th. (optional) read the newspaper
18th. click the computer screens next to the dead guys
19th. type: "unlock march" without quotations
20th. Take the evidence out of the safe
21st. Change doctor Raymond Burrs head to a chicken, his heart to a red heart, and his hands to ones with a dropping coin.
22. open the purple door
23. click the machine
24. Contemplate the shortness of Alice is Dead 2

(optional stuff)
while using the computer next to the dead guys, you can type "help" to get a list of commands: lookup, unlock, and logs.
to read a log, type "read log 202" or "read log 209" ect. there are only 8 available logs, 202 to 209.
to lookup someone, type "lookup mad hatter" or "lookup Lewis" looking up rabbit or alice is restricted
the only unlock command is "unlock march" which is to open the safe
Also, a hidden medal is awarded for typing "oystercloud"
ALL without quotations

Hope this helps :D
I see wut you did thar!

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Re: Alice is Dead 2 Walkthrough

Postby gheener » 20 Jan 2010, 04:39

pssh i pwn all games always !

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Re: Alice is Dead 2 Walkthrough

Postby Bamzi_1 » 30 Aug 2011, 10:05

This game was horrible! The eerie-ness of it is spectacular but the length of this episode makes it HORRIBLE. =\

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