Maya's Treasures

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Maya's Treasures

Postby Dr Frook » 26 Jan 2010, 01:32

First you see some rocks on a ledge, a moat of lava and statues across it. go right

Smoke rises from lava pit, still can't do anything. go right

You see a wall with icons that you can press to highlight. go down

Prominently displayed are three icons to highlight. go down to return to wall.
press them and get a golden mask. go right

You find a skeleton in armor. click the knife sticking out of the chest. left of chest click to retrieve a tile . go right

Click and retrieve wood, underneath is another tile, retrieve it also. go right

Place missing tiles in wall mural, receive orb. go right twice

Use knife on rope, combine it with wood and it becomes a small bridge. go right

Highlight bridge and click space between ledge and torch column to place it ,click base of column to retrieve a golden statue. click to combine with mask. go down

Place the new statue on top of round pedestal. go down and left

You now have a bridge, click on door. Use orb on left statue's forehead. You now have a magic staff, Place on door...You found the treasure!

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