Escape the Bathroom

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Escape the Bathroom

Postby Dr Frook » 26 Jan 2010, 01:45

-Get the plunger
-plunge the toilet
-take rubber part of plunger and add it to the toilet's back part to replace the flush valve
-turn to the doorway with the lasers and look on the makes an arrow pointing down
-click on the tile where the arrow is pointing
-take the wrench back to the toilet
-click to get behind the toilet where you can now turn it "On"
-flush the toilet
-take key from toilet bowl
-use key on mirror lock
-take the toothbrush and the razor
-click beneath the sink to open the cabinet
-take baking soda
-go up to the sink and click on the stopper-pully thing
-fill sink with hot water
-combine the baking soda and the water
-dip toothbrush into the water
-turn up to the ceiling
-click jarred tile with the stick from the plunger 5 times
-collect the hair dryer
-go to corroded "energy cell" terminals and use toothbrush on them
-now use the hairdryer on the terminals
-connect the wires
-turn to wired box and enter code "45801" **see below
-use the wrench to turn the nozzle inside
-turn to the bathtub
-turn on water
-throw hairdryer into tub
-You're OUT!!

**if you're interested in how to get this code:
-using the stick on the plunger, click on the mirror to break a piece off.
-once you have the razor from inside the cabinet, turn to the energy cell wall
-click on the gray spot on the wall
-use the razor to uncover some more characters
-use the broken mirror piece on the right of the characters and it will reflect the other part of the code from the other wall.

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