Mafia Stories 2 Walkthrough

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Mafia Stories 2 Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 21 Jan 2014, 01:43

----------------------- MAFIA STORIES WALKTHROUGH -----------------------

Scene one (Bar):
- have a look on the notebook
- go outside
- go right until you see the car & use it

Scene two (Park):
- go right and fight against the the enemies
- get information from Pete
- kill/not kill him

Scene three (Blue Parrot outside):
- overthrow the trash bin to distract the security
- go to the fence and hit the wood to get on the other side

Scene four (Inside Blue Parrot):
- Sneak to the right corner of the screen
- don't get in the view of the camera
- go through the left door and knock out the guy in the bathroom
- take his clothers
- now you can go through the door on the right side without
beeing seen by the camera

Scene five (Inside Blue Parrot #2):
- follow the screen instructions and fight against the cook
- go through the door and search for the right code to open the
door (look at the cupboard to the right and click on the piece of paper)
- go through the door and sneak to the statue
- hit the statue and it falls down on the enemy/ take his gun and go next
- fight against the other enemies (use the sneaking mode to avoid being shot)

Scene six (Illegal casino):
- go to the next room and go up the stairs, then go to the casino
- talk with the boss (he wants a drink)
- go to the left and get a bottle from the table
- go downstaris and then right
- find the lightswitch and turn the light on
- take the poison (it will be automatically mixed, if you took the bottle before)
- go to the casino room again and give the poisoned drink to the boss
- avoid beeing shot in the quick time event, take the door to your right (fast)

Scene seven (On the roofs):
- jump to the next roof in the right moment and sneak to avoid the bullets from your enemies
- you have to pull yourself up on the roof (press the UP button several times)
- go to the right and jump on the roof of the church
- press RIGHT a few times to move hand over hand to the right position, the press UP to
climb up
- go inside the bell tower of the church

Scene eight (Inside the church):
- go downstairs (right) and pull the rope hanging from the ceiling
- go upstairs to take the key that falled down
- go downstaris and open the door with the key

Scene nine (Inside the chruch #2):
- follow the screen instructions and fight against the boss

----------------------- END-----------------------

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