Cave Labyrinth

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Cave Labyrinth

Postby Dr Frook » 20 Mar 2010, 11:42


take fabric piece from just to the right of the cobweb in the centre.
Turn right and take the torch (towards right).
Turn left and take vase under right skeleton’s hand.
Go back and take crystals from centre front of scene.
Go right to big cobweb and left from there to a 3 skeleton scene: Take lamp at feet of skeleton on the right.
Go back, left twice (past lake) and forward (left passage). Take pole/stick.
Go back and left.
Take flint stone from just in front of sacks.
Go left. Take hammer head (centre front).
Use hammer head on rod/stick/pole.
Take fungus (roughly half way up stalagmite on right).
Go back twice to starting cave.
Go straight forward (passage to right) – where you picked up the lamp. Go forward (cobweb blocking path). Go back to red crystal cave and straight on twice (better to follow the steps than try and understand!).
use hammer on cave to clear the stalagmite/tites.
Go forward and take wooden poles.
Back twice to starting cave.
Go left to lake, left 3 times more and back to dark cave.
Use crystals in on floor under sunlight.
Go left and take the rope.
Combine rope with wooden poles to make raft.
Go back and pick up crystals (you’ll need them later).
Go back and left; use vase on lake.
Click on far side of lake to cross. Note standard.
Take fabric piece in background; use on standard (click on the edge of the standard where piece will go… bottom right edge).
Add other piece from inventory under this one.
Go left to sacks.
Take coal from fallen sack on the right.
Go straight on to a fire pit.
Use coal on broken lamp in inventory and use this combination on fire pit.
Use flint here.
Use torch in flame.
Go back 3 times – back across the river.
Return to large cobweb (back, forward – right hand passage and forward again).
Use torch on cobweb.
Take fabric scrap from boulder.
Left-back-left to lake.
Forward to cross again to standard.
Place new piece & first piece.
Solve puzzle.

Standard puzzle:

On outer rim, water and fire (opposite) light up, on inner circle symbol behind spider (root) and mushroom (opposite).

Obtain root.
Go forward. There’s a giant spider blocking the path – the standard tells how to defeat it. We already have the root.
Go back to the lake.
Use vase in lake.
Add fungus. Add root. From the clue on the standard, we’re missing fire.
Forward – left – forward and use vase on flames.
Back to spider (back twice & forward)
Use bottle on spider.
Go forward & forward again (passage lit up to the left).
Use red crystals in sunlight as before.
Forward to the right (as lit up by crystal), forward again (left-ish?) and leave through the lit exit.

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