ballad of ketinetto 2

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ballad of ketinetto 2

Postby Dr Frook » 22 Mar 2010, 01:04

Complete Walkthrough

Part 1

Pick up the bottle on the right just before the alleyway – you can pick up the broken bottles on the left too if you want – (you dont need them though)

Part 2

There on the left, just up a little bit, you will see a loose piece of wood that is red, click on it to get it =)

Part 3

Click on the loose tiles on the ground – the tile near the top left has a worm underneath it

Part 4

Click on the door on the right, next to the alleyway to go into the pub

Part 5

Click on the cup on the table, click on the card on the floor near the faucet, and click on the note which gives you the ingredients for the deadly mixture that you are going to make ……hahaha (thats my evil laugh)

Part 6

Click on the cup you have, and click on the faucet to get the rum

Part 7

Use the card on the stool to get the sediment

Part 8

Go back outside and click near the gate at the top of the screen, to go onto the beach

Part 9

Pick up the stick thats on the ground, and click on the rope that is hanging from the tree to the right

Part 10

Click the bottle on the sea to get sea water (or salt for the mixture)

Part 11

Now combine the loose piece of wood, the stick and the rope to make a long stick

Part 12

Go back to town, and use your new long stick on the big duck above the door to your right – this will take a while

Part 13

Now combine everything you have – put the worm in the cup that has the rum, add the seawater, and the sediment on the card

Part 14

Go into the alleyway, where you will meet an old man who goes on about demons and how they’ve taken everyone blah blah blah

Part 15

Now you know you need a boat, you have your boat (the duck) and the mast (long stick) but you need a sail – and the old man wont let you take the flag, so give him your deadly mixture in the cup, and he will fall asleep – NOW you can take the flag!!

Part 16

Now go back to the beach, click the long stick, and hover around the duck to find the hole – click on the hole to insert your mast

Part 17

Click on flag and join this to mast – now you can set sail!!!

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