Speed Escape 2 Walkthrough

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Speed Escape 2 Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 24 Mar 2010, 03:15

• Start by accepting Kyle’s offer to escape 3 areas, each within 5 minutes.

• Area 1 – Barn
• Take the rope and the metal bar leaning against the wall. Open the stall doors and notice a red 6 and some straw in the other stall. Also notice the picture on the wall with 3 different colored shapes.
• Move left take the garden hose, open the stalls and take the bucket.
• Move left take the pitch fork and then slide the crate over to reveal a blue 1.
• Move left open the stall doors and you will find a green 9.
• Move left again and use the pitch fork on the straw, you will find a pulley. Now figure out the order of the numbers you found, red 6, green 9 and blue 1
• Move left click on the cabinet and enter 691 on the keypad to unlock the medicine cabinet. Take the knob on the bottom shelf.
• Move left twice. Attach the knob to the water faucet. Insert the metal bar into the feeder(blue object filled with feed) Then attach the pulley to the metal post on the wooden beam. Next attach the rope to the pulley and then connect the rope to the metal bar. Place the bucket on the other end of the rope. Attach the garden hose to the faucet and then place the hose into the bucket and turn on the water.
• The weight from the bucket of water will pull the lever and release the feed which is where the key is hidden.
• Take the key and head right and unlock the door.

• Area 2 – Dungeon
• In the first room notice the clue on the wall and the door is locked. Take the torch and turn left.
• Take the wooden chair and the iron pan and then notice the clue on the wall – Gold + Silver+ Fire= Key
• Move left Put the chair in to the fire place and then use the torch to light the fire. Pick up the fire poker. Remember the clue in the first room, there are 4 round stones in a circle. The smallest is in the 3 O’clock position, next largest is in the 12 O’clock position , third is at 6 O’clock and the largest is at 9 O’clock. Press the stones in this order and the center stone will fall and reveal a silver ring. Take the ring.
• Move left Notice a strange stone in the wall and 3 small holes. Place the fire poker into the bottom right hole and the stone will fall. Take the stone, and then move the other stones on the ground aside to reveal a gold cup. Take the gold cup.
• Move right, notice the stone table has a slot. Place the strange stone into the slot. Next place the iron pan onto the fire, then add the golden cup and then the silver ring then click on the pan and it will fill the stone and form a key.
• Turn left twice and use the key to unlock the door.

• Area 3 – Bedroom
• Start by moving the chair aside then open the bottom desk drawer and take the light bulb.
• Move right and place the light bulb into the lamp on top of the dresser.
• Open the second dresser drawer and take the game cartridge.
• Move left twice, insert the game cartridge into the game system and then turn on the tv(down at the bottom) the screen will freeze displaying “ACE” Click on the bottom cabinet doors and you will be prompted with a lock that requires “ACE” to open the doors.
• After opening the doors, take the eye piece that is inside. Click on the top of the chair closest to you and it will tip back and drop a computer mouse, take the mouse.
• Move right and place the mouse on the mouse pad then click on the computer monitor. There are 3 shapes like on the lamp. You must make the colors of the 3 shapes in order found on the lamp. Yellow, Green, Blue. After they are in the right order a square will appear that has 4 colors. Red, white, green and black, you will need this in a moment.
• Turn right twice until you see the telescope. Attach the eye piece to the telescope and then look through it by clicking on the eye piece. There is nothing important, click the other end of the telescope 2 times and then look through the eye piece. You will find a clue 632.
• While still in this area, click on the panel next to the space poster. You will see a colored block similar to the one on the computer screen. You must make this look the same. From the top left- Red then white, bottom left green then black. Once completed the door will raise and reveal more space.
• Click on the gray safe on the floor and you will be prompted to enter another code. This is the code from the telescope. 632, enter this number and the safe will open to reveal a key.
• Take the key and then move right twice and use the key to unlock the door.

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