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How to Comment on Games

Posted: 04 May 2014, 23:33
by Boxorino
Tutorial #2: Commenting on FWG Games

As per Ex's request, I am going to show all of you how to comment on the games from this website.

Here's a scenario: You find a really boss game that you like and you wanna give a shout out to the creator of the game and say that you like it.

Step #1: Open up the game and scroll down a little bit. You'll find the comments section for that game.

Step #2: Click the button that says Join the discussion... and type in your comment. Don't say anything you wouldn't want said to yourself!

Step #3: You can post your topic by signing in with one of the notated websites above, creating an account by putting in a username, your email, and a password, or by just putting in a username and your email then checking the box next to I'd rather post as a guest.

Step #4: Click the grey button with the darker grey arrow in it to post your comment then you're done! Your comment is now available for people see and reply to.

Now that you know how, post some comments, guys! Post comments to get cool prizes.

~ Boxy