Bond Escape 2 Walkthrough

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Bond Escape 2 Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 14 Apr 2010, 01:58

First view
Notice the pillows and their colors.
Count the matching colors from painting.
You'll get a four digit code.
Zoom to the box over right nightstand and click it.
Enter the code and bed should go up.
Zoom out and turn right.

Second view
Click on the flowerpot.
Notice the pattern on the pot and press the green colored tile under pot.
Zoom out and turn right.

Third view
Click the painting and arrange the circled to resemble an upright human.
(Like the da Vinci painting, vitruvian man)
Open the painting and get a propeller.
Zoom out and turn right.

Fourth view
Click on table in the middle.
Get the skateboard looking thing from under fruits.
Remember the pattern on flowerpot and input it to the black box.
It opens and you'll get a flashlight.
Zoom out and turn right. (You know the drill :)

First view (with passage under bed)
Go to passage twice and then turn right.

Passage view right
Use the flashlight on dark area and get a motor.
Turn left twice.

Passage view left
Use flashlight again and get gas and a wrench.
Click on where you came from.

Back to Third view
Click on lamp to the right and use wrench on it.
Zoom out and click right twice.
Enter the passage again.

Passage facing forward
Click on pier to zoom in.
Place the skateboard on it.
Add motor, the thing from the lamp,
propeller and gas.
You'll get a motorized surfboard.

Use that in the water to get out.

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