Space Quest Walkthrough

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Space Quest Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 14 May 2010, 01:11 ... equest.htm

Click under the command controls, get blue tube;

Go left, notice panel on the center.

Go left twice, get broken tube.

Go right, get out of room and use broken tube to open the door in front of you.

Get in the room; get code card on the left of the machine on the floor.

Now, go back twice, get welder on the right.

Go right and get cable.

Go right twice and get pliers.

Go right again and get the panel on the command room (at left of the command panel) with pliers.

Exit the room, and then right. Enter the room, it has a hole on the wall at the right; put welder and the metal panel together (on inventory) and use them to close the hole.

Go left and notice the dark hall, you will need a lever to put lights on. Get out of the room.

Turn left twice, enter the door, and clik forward again - next to the door on the right, over a box there is a blue tape, take it and put it together with cable on inventory.

Go forward, enter the engine room. Go left and find lever on the floor at the right of the window. Notice out of the window the engine is off.

Get out of the room, and go back to the room where you put the metal panel on and a lever was missing (on the right of control room). Put lever on and put on the lights, by cliking again on the lever.

Go forward and get red tube. go forward and enter west engine room. Notice the way tube colors are. Click right and get yellow tube… notice engine through the window, it is on. Go back to East engine room.

In east engine room, put the tubes in the right order (remember the other engine room, and think the opposite) you’ll have them right when you can’t move them any more.

Go left and note the engine is on.

Go to the command room again.Put cable and tape on the command panel and click again on it to close up. Enter code on your card code, and click enter. Go out of room and get into the room in front of it, where you found the code card.

Click on the panel of the machine and click on the shapes to turn them green until everything is on green.

Click out… and congrats! you are out!!!

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