causality 2 walkthrough

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causality 2 walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 15 May 2010, 00:35

Level 1: click the broom then the cup then the man in the bath tub.

When he is up stairs talking click the door.

Then the tub will over flow then click the guy in the chair and finally the light fixture above the singer.

Level 2: click the antenna on the car then the boy under the tree.

Then click the bird when it is over the guy with bow and arrow.

Then click the man in the car.

Then click the cloud closest on the right side of the bell tower so lightning will strike then right b4 both men are behind the car click the cloud underneath the one you click b4.

Finally click the tomb stone with the mourner.

Level 3: 1st click the bumper cars alternately so they're touching then click the first gray bolt on the roller coaster rail and then the guy underneath the Ferris wheel then the crack in the sign then the lever above the sign and then when the man from the roller coaster is lined up with the lever click on him.

Level 4: 1st click the bathroom stall closest to the sink then click the red drink three times to make the man drink it and go to the bathroom then click then man behind him.

While he is a the concession stand click the spout on the ice cream maker and then click the ice cream to make him drop it have him try to make another one. when the man goes back to his seat the film will stop.

He will bang on the wall after he does that click the bigger film reel and then then bottom the film thing to make the smoker come back.

When the fire causes the film shelf to break through the floor and water to drip on the ice cream maker click the lever to shock the clerk do this b4 the man in the front row runs in to see it, he will slip on the ice cream cone.

Finally click the smoke alarm to fall on the usher and you will be a mass murderer.

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Re: causality 2 walkthrough

Postby Jhenna » 18 Jan 2012, 07:04

I was having trouble with this game, luckily there is a walk through...i finish this game at no time idol lash review. :lol:

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