Dolls Mystery Walkthrough

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Dolls Mystery Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 22 Jun 2010, 02:33

Zoom in on the shelf over the desk -- get the leftmost doll
Click on top of the desk and note the picture -- get the pencil
Click the middle window at the ceiling to climb on the desk and look out -- note the Degas painting
Click on the cupboard on the left wall
Note the keyhole in the right door (looks a bit like a 5) and the triangles on the left door
Turn left
Click the leftmost painting -- get the eraser
Zoom on the middle painting and press the corners in order (they don’t always look like they move, but just press them one time in the right order (if you mess up, back up and zoom in again)
An alphabet of dolls will appear and the left cupboard door will unlock
Turn right
Zoom in on the cupboard and open the upper left door -- get the second doll
Zoom on the table and use the eraser on the blotch between the middle and rightmost heads
Zoom on the shelf and place the second doll where one is missing
Note their arm positions
Click a doll and it will turn light -- click a second one, and they will switch places
Solve the code
Get the key that appears from the shelf
Zoom on the cabinet and use the key to unlock the right door -- get the screwdriver
Zoom on the door and unscrew the panel (note the screwdriver tip goes over the screws)
Click the squares on the door to re-create the picture from the living room (ballerina fixing her shoe)
Make sure you remember to click the bottom right corner square to turn it, too
Click to enter the living room

Click the book on the table and see the number clues
Zoom on the cabinet in the corner with the lamp on it
Use the pencil on the notepad to see the shape
Click above the right arm of the couch -- click the wooden box on the right edge of the screen
Turn left
Click just right of the open door with the Degas puzzle on it to see behind it
Get the tee-shirt and note the locked door
Back up
Zoom on the tall cabinet’s shelves
Get the valve from the stand by the statue
Replace it with the doll you have
Position the doll correctly to get the key from the stand’s base
Use the key on the chest to the left of the tall cabinet
Note the colors/shapes clue
Combine this with another clue to solve the shapes box by the couch
(you seem to need to find both clues before you can change the shapes)
Get the key
Go to the door hidden behind the bedroom door (click right of the Degas door) and use the key

Enter the courtyard
Click the black pipe in the right side of your screen
Place the valve on the lower peg to turn on the fountain
While still zoomed in here, get the chisel from the bottom left side
Zoom on the fountain and add the tee-shirt to clog the drain
The water will spill over
Click under the bench
Use the chisel where the water surrounds the brick to get the last key
Use this key on the door at the back left side of the courtyard to exit


Picture frame puzzle
The arrows on the left cabinet door tell you which corner to push. Down right, up left, down right, down left, up right, and down left

Dolls puzzle
The original doll positions have the arms straight left/down right, up left/over belly, down left/up right, up/down, down left/up right. Use the alphabet picture to translate that into letters. S, O, L, D, L. If you unscramble it, it spells dolls. Switch the dolls to spell this word. Up/down, up left/across belly, down left/up right, down left/up right, and straight left/down right.

Positioning the doll
Left upper arm straight left and hand down right to hip
Left upper leg straight left and lower leg straight down
Right upper leg straight right and foot down left
Right upper arm straight right and hand straight up

Solving the shapes box
The book clue is

The paper in the chest is
Blue, square, green
Red, blue, circle
Triangle, red, green

Each pair of numbers from the book tells you what row and column to look in. Each row will give you both the shape and the color. The first row was 3223.
3,2 tells you the circle is first (third column, second row)
The 2,3 tells you the color is red (second column, bottom row)
1322 is triangle, blue
2131 is square, green

So the order is red circle, blue triangle, green square

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