Air Crash Walkthrough

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Air Crash Walkthrough

Postby Dr Frook » 19 Aug 2010, 02:47

Note the blazing fire before you
Turn left
Get the piece of long wood from the ground in front of you
Click the airplane engine to zoom in
Get the rope from the ground to the left
Note the bolted panel on the engine
Back up
Go left
Get the mobile battery from the piece of metal in front of you
Click the 2 tires to zoom in
Get the wedged shaped fan blade (vane) from right of the hoop
Click the wood in your inventory and combine it with the vane
Now add the rope to get the axe
Go right in this view
Use you new axe to cut the trees
Get the wire
Go left and back up
Go left
Get the headphones from the ground in between the fallen seats
Click inside the plane
Get the long knife from the floor by the bag
Click near the top of the screen to move inside further
Click the near left overhead compartment
Get the wrench/spanner from the bag
Also get the umbrella behind the bag
Click the open doorway at the back of the plane
Click the right side of the bathroom door
Get the fire extinguisher
Turn right
There is an open hatch between and under the 2 windows. In the upper right corner of the hatch door, a wire is sticking out
Use the knife to get this green wire
Back up 3 times and click down once to turn around
Zoom in on the airplane engine
Use the wrench to remove the panel
Near the top of the circuit board is an orange diode -- click to take it
Back up and turn around
Go left
Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire
Enter the front of the plane
Get the scotch tape from the floor by the tipped over chair
Enter the plane’s cabin
You need to repair the broken radio to call for help
First, add the headphones to the top of the middle panel (where the cover is hanging loose)
Now you need an antenna
Combine the umbrella with the tape
Add the black wire
Click near where you plugged in the headphones
Now you need to fix the circuit board and power the thing
Combine your green wire with the battery
Click above the hanging panel to place it
Click the upper right corner of the open panel (up left of the dark gray rectangle the umbrella handle is over) to find the circuit board
Near the 4th inventory box, you should notice the black dot in the right white circle
Place the diode there
You called for help! Yay!!!

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