Character History

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Re: Character History

Postby Alpha_The_Centurion » 27 May 2015, 12:08

Guess I should do this.

Name: Alpha Tenchi
Sirnames: Akoltie, Loerchik, Cobera, Shaddai
Nicknames: Alfalfa, Aloha, Alps, Alan
Age: Sixteen
Race: Xanaku
Height: 6'6
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Top of shoulders, wild and untamed
Eye color: Crimson

Personality- Alpha is a free spirit, a Martial Artist and rapper at his core. He is extremely hard-headed and determined, believing he can do anything if he throws himself at it enough. Never much one for strategy, his one strategy is "Hit it till it stops moving." Though easily angered, and hard to calm, he can be very volatile and unpredictable. At his core though, he's a softie, with a heart of gold. Or silver. Or adamantium. Probably vibranium.


Physiology: Due to his Xanaku physiology Alphas physical prowess is unmatched. He is quite possibly one of the most adept beings alive, not only thanks to his natural gifts but due to the day and night training he takes part in. Taking every moment he can to hone his body to it's maximum potential. Though exact numbers are vague certain feats include
- Lifting an aircraft carrier during the Tenchis siege on the Pirate Remy Kalrou's fleet.
- Trading blows, and eventually overpowering the Lightning God Raijin
- Going toe-to-toe with an enraged Superman and surviving until reinforcements could arrive.
- Returning Cthulhu to his slumber in R'yleh, keeping full eye-contact for the entirety of the fight just to spite him
- Sustaining existence with his will while he bought time for Azathoth to be returned to sleep

Lightning: After the Tenchis defeat of Raijin (Here on our gracious FWG) Alpha was trusted with the soul of Raijin. A powerful thing could hold such limitless power, consulting Falz, the Archmage he was informed that the soul was dangerous and was not to be used. Disregarding the Archmage the idea of having power equaling that of the Lightning God's was too much. Alpha crushed the soul, absorbing it into himself. His soul strengthened, and he gained the control of not just lightning, but electricity. Though for a short time the hatred in Raijins soul plagued Alpha and he went on a killing spree until the Tenchi could subdue him.
Now wielding the power of Raijin, Alphas control over lightning rivals that of Zeus. He can channel it remotely, such as causing lightning to land in one place, or controlling the electrical current of something. If he is able to focus through extended touch Alpha can shut down a persons nervous system, practically ripping the electrical pulse from their brain. This and draining other sources of Electricity or Lightning (Which the two are unique in their own respects within RP. Lightning is generally heavenly in origin) can be used to give Alpha either a temporary powerboost or to recharge himself.

Mantra: The mystical life giving energy that is connected to all beings. Mantra is manifested by harboring a certain emotion, Alphas happens to be Rage. Rage is the second most powerful Mantra Aspect, behind only love. Mantra can be focused in many ways, using it to augment ones physical or even mental capabilities for a short time. Manifesting it into physical glowing armor and weapons, using it to propel ones self to fly. But, if a being has gathered enough Mantra they can access a whole new form, known as their Mantra Release. As Alpha fires off Mantra blasts his anger lowers, as he's literally "letting go of it." Though if it continues to build up, Alpha can become a true danger to his enemies and his allies.

Precognition: Due to Alphas multiple encounters with Ancient Gods hes dipped into the future and the past, his mind scarred with the horrifying visions of the future. Either during combat or during channeling Alpha can be visited by these visions, giving him a glimpse of something later into the fight. Though, through focused meditation Alpha can invoke these visions and grant him sight into a specific area of the future. While this does come with intense pain it grants him and his allies a valuable glimpse of events to come.

Mind of the Ancient Gods: Due to him being the only one of the Tenchi with a will strong enough to resist an Ancient God Alpha has handled all of their dealings with their kind. He has been exposed to Azathoth in his true and terrible form, his mind has been scarred and destroyed. Though somehow he remains, the survival of such things has made him numb to horror, even those whose influence over fear and nightmares surpasses the Old Gods would have to pump unimaginable amounts of power into their abilities to make a dent in his sanity or lackthereof.


Vlad: Vlad was one of Alphas first weapons. A halberd comprised of Obsidian. While obsidian is tough, it chips off, though after soaking it in the mineral rich blood of dwarves the chipping effect ceases and it becomes solid and forge ready. The weapon was made by Bauras when Alpha first began his training with Ghost. The shaft of the weapon is about eight feet long, with the head being one and a half. The weapons head is an axe/spear combo. The weapon is named Vlad after Vlad the Impaler,a pun on spearhead of the weapon. It is also a reference to Dracula, who was based off of Vlad. The weapon, each time it draws blood soaks up the blood. It can use the iron in the blood to repair itself or use the blood to heal Alpha.

Gram: Alphas second weapon, forged by himself. The weapon itself appears to be a longsword, though it can split up into a dirk and shortsword combo. The weapon is comprised of Uru. While Urur is extremely durable it is not indestructible, the weapons stability in its longsword form is questionable due to it not being one whole entity.

Cade: The Dagger is of Mithril construction, skillfully crafted and able to cut through steel like well... a hot knife through butter (badum-tiss). The weapon though is unique, as it when draws the blood of an opponent, it induces an illusion upon them. This illusion is dormant at certain times, though when Alpha begins to move within the opponents field of vision he will disappear into a flock of ravens. Forming once more when he stops moving.

Joy: Alphas first firearm, crafted by him here in our own lovely "FWG Forest." It's built on Smith and Wessons revolutionary X-Frame, with a few slight modifications. The weapon is built to be Alphas size, making it unuseable by even superhumans. The weapon fits comfortably into Alphas, left hand, the grooves in the weapons grip specific to his hand. It's made to fire custom made God-thumper rounds. The rounds are something that might be seen being fired out of an anti-air cannon, and have been modified to Hollow Tip. Their destructive power, speed, and even accuracy is unmatched. Alpha fires it like a pea-shooter.

Shaddai: One of Alphas favorite pieces of armor. At first glance it appears to be a simple pauldron of Geisteel origin. Geisteel is an ore found in a far off land, powerful enough to rival the Muramasa Blade (Which will be seen later in this list). The pauldron fits comfortably over Alphas left shoulder and leads into a single caestus lined with studs and spikes. Markings along the shoulder and forearm of the pauldron are runes of Druidic origin. Each of the runes draws power from a certain element, to block a certain element. This also allows Alpha to augment the punches from his left fist with elemental side-effects.

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Re: Character History

Postby DJVoxel » 30 May 2015, 17:14

Name: Axorn "Drake" Gonin
Race: Draconian
Rank: King
Age: 37 (Axorn acts like he's 19 because Draconians live many times longer than humans and develop twice as slow)
Appearance: Image
Axorn was born under Draconian King Shlone and Draconian Queen Breala. He had a brother named Kronax, who was 10 years older than Axorn. During the first five years of his life he lived a happy and innocent life with his family and grew an interest in human machinery and technology, much like his older brother Kronax. Together, they were able to create a powerful sword that was able to fire crystals that when activated, cause the cells of the living thing they're touching to kill themselves. They also were able to steal blueprints for a powerful armor from the Dragons, which they built and named "Dragonweave" armor. His happy life was about to take a drastic turn as the tensions between the Dragons and the Draconians were brewing and the two parties were on the verge of war. The only thing preventing it was that neither Breala nor the Dragon Queen at the time, Issilda, wished to engage in battle. Shlone, having a general hatred of dragons, used her sly tongue to trick Breala into declaring war on the dragons by saying that one of her eggs had been stolen by the Dragons even though he had actually hidden the egg and someone had found it and taken it somewhere.

The Great War (Draco or Dragon War to humans)

After Axorn and Kronax heard the news, they quickly set to work creating weapons and armor for the Draconians. Kronax decided that he was going to the front lines with the sword and armor they had created together. Due to this, they decided to name the sword "Dragonsbane". As the war progressed, Axorn continued to distribute custom weapons and armor to the rest of the Draconians. After two long years of war, Kronax decided to try to single-handedly end it by pinning Issilda. Sadly, because of his arrogance he died without even getting near the Dragon Queen on the field of battle. When Breala heard the news, she was even more determined to defeat the Dragons and win the war, but, one of the Draconians found her missing child and showed her a picture of the child. When she saw the picture and recognized all the royal features, she signed a peace treaty with the Dragons and ordered Shlone to be executed for his treachery.

Afterwards, Axorn blamed the death of his brother on himself, thinking that if he had been strong enough to participate in the war, he could have saved his brother. He left the kingdom and wandered the world, training with the powerful Draconian nomads that left the kingdom long ago because of the corruption and hatred of Dragons in it's system. There, he learned how to control the temperature of his fire, and learned how to augment either his human or Dragon DNA to change himself into one of them.

When Axorn returned to the kingdom he learned that the rest of the Queen's eggs had either been duds or were born with defects that resulted in their death. Thus, he has no brothers or sisters.

Axorn joined the army and quickly rose to the top ranks, but after seeing that the army took up all of his time and he had none of his own, he left.

Axorn then had many adventures on his own exploring the world of Tranquility. He later returned to the kingdom briefly when he learned that his brother's body had been found. He took the sword, Dragonsbane and swore an oath that he would fight to keep the balance of the world.

Later, his mother died, almost releasing a Darkling into the world. Thankfully, one of Axorn's Dragon friends (One of Ally's characters, I forget which one ATM) was able to destroy the newborn Darkling by tossing it into a black hole.
Axorn has thus become the Draconian King, giving him new responsibilities.

------------------------------------------------------------Alternate Timeline------------------------------------------------------

Axorn had heard rumors of people with unique abilities or high positions of power disappearing without a trace. Thus, he made preparations within the kingdom in case he disappeared as well.

Axorn was taking a 1 week vacation from his duties by himself at a small house he had built on a deserted island near a lake. One day, he was sitting peacefully by the lake when the world suddenly went black as he was transported into the Omniverse.
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Re: Character History

Postby Rainshard » 11 Aug 2015, 16:06


Xander walked down the hallway, a small folder clutched in his hands. It was opened to a page showing a picture of a young man, with deep blue eyes piercing through the thick cover of blonde hair covering his face. The file stated that the had struggled through nine-teen years of his life, the identity of his father unknown and his mother who was more interested in the bottle than her own son. This didn't matter to Xander, who approached a small door and entered an interview room where the teen sat in a chair by a metal table, his hands bound together by rocks which covered his arms. He was very relaxed, lying back in his chair with his bound hands resting on the table. He turned his head to Xander when he entered the room, sneering at him.

"Ready to let me out, Rocky" He mocked, his eyebrows raised. "You got nothing to link me to those guys"

"Burns, broken bones, even one case of cardiac arrest" Xander took a seat across from the man, laying out the folder out in front of him. "When I show them your picture they all seem to have the same expression of fear on their face" Xander took out a small sheet of paper, a new entry recently added. "Latest victim Walter Reagan, 56, his wife rushed him to hospital after a home invasion lead to an unfortunate lightning strike."

"I don't know nothing about some real estate ass who's in bed with every trafficker in Tranquility" He lifted his arms slightly, meaning to direct Xander's attention to the rocks which engulfed his hands "This is unnecessary, police usually use handcuffs."

"This is no longer a police matter, Damien. You've caught the attention of the ITPT" Xander shuffled in his chair before staring the boy across from him in the eye. "We've known what you can do for a while"

Damien scoffed and stared back at Xander. "And what would that be?"

Xander ignored the question. "Tell me, is it your dead-beat runaway father, or your beloved mother who is lying pissed in some alleyway" Damien's smile left his face in an instant, the light of the room flickering slightly.

"Is that why you go after these guys, does putting them in hospital give you the attention, the acceptance your parents never did?" The light above their heads extinguished as the bulb exploded, the rocks around his arms burst and flew out around the room, his eyes shone bright blue as swirling turquoise bolts of electricity circled his hands. He stood up and glared at Xander who simply remained in his seat, staring at him.

Xander proceeded to pick up the files and walked over to the door. "Thank you Damien, you're free to go." He opened the door and waited for a few moments. "By the way, I'll keep in contact, there's someone I'd like you to meet" Xander left the interrogation room, closing the door behind him. Damien sat back down in his chair, his rage slowly being replaced by bewilderment.

Icarus Finn:

Icarus walked through the doors. Fairly anti-climactic start to a mission he thought. It didn't matter. It wasn't the journey, he thought, but the destination. His uniform did garner a few uneasy looks, but hey this was Tranquility. These people have obviously seen stranger.

He walked his way to the elevator with ease, placing himself between a woman reading something on her phone with a small smile on her face and a large behemoth of a man, his second chin completely obscuring his neck. The woman was curling her hair around her finger, smiling down at the small screen. He sighed and pressed a button and waited till the elevator reached the top floor.

By the time he reached the highest floor of the building, Icarus was the only one left in the elevator. None of that necessarily mattered though as he left the claustrophobic little box and walked through the hallway to the stairs which would lead to the roof.

He emerged from the stairwell to the roof of the building, walking over to the edge. In a split second he took the two pistols from his belt, attaching them together forming a small rifle. It was a useful little firearm which came into his possession purely by luck. Icarus checked the small device from his belt, making sure the cameras were still jammed and his bounty was still up for grabs.

The conditions were perfect.

He adopted the prone position and waited, keeping his weapon trained on the opposite building. He waited for his target to make his awaited appearance a few minutes ahead of schedule. The target always came to the roof for regular smoke breaks, today was no different. Icarus pressed a small button on the gun, the cloaking device going into effect, hiding both him and his weapon from the glancing eye.

He took a deep breath, readied his shot, and fired.

The targets head exploded, sending pieces of cracked skull and grey-matter soaring from exit wound. He detached his weapon into two pieces and holstered them, smiling, and got to his feet. It was an excellent kill. Icarus took another small device from his belt, positioning it and pressing the button on its side.

A wire flew and attached to the stairwell of both buildings. As the building adjacent his position was slightly lower all he had to do was slide down. He took hold of the device, using it to cross the empty space between the two buildings, landing a few metres away from the body. Tearing through the clothes of his target, he took the evidence he needed to claim his bounty. ID, a wallet and his designer, albeit bloody, glasses.

By the time security found his corpse, Icarus Finn was long gone, satisfied and about to be twice as wealthy.
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Re: Character History

Postby The Divine Potato » 10 Oct 2015, 19:59



Gender: agender

Powers: Ability to float and fly, the ability to make the prongs of themselves infinitely sharp and able to penetrate any defense, as long as it happens to be the length of the prongs, gravity manipulation, time manipulation, temperature manipulation. AND LOOKING UTTERLY SWAGGER IN A MINIATURE CAPE

A picture of young Forkius, he later switched out the red cape for a pitch black one and wiped the googly eyes off of him, he was drunk, forgive him.

Backstory: Forkius was a aspiring young dinner fork once, he always wanted to be like those amazing forks that spaghetti got twirled around, it would have been a dream existence to serve another as the instrument which shoveled food into their awaiting gob. But all of that changed one day when he met a certain man from the DC comics universe wearing a long red cape as the advocate of justice. Forkius was used many times to bring food to the mouth of supes in his adventures pettily hiding his identity as Clark Kent, he had seen it all. He flew with superman, seen the sun with him, and eventually some of the limitless power rubbed off on him and Forkius found himself aspiring to do something even greater. He wanted to become the next great supervillan, wait what? Isn't it meant to be the other way around? Oh well.

So now Forkius lives alone on the island of doom in the sea of blades on the planet of Tranquility, plotting his fateful plans for the world
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Re: Character History

Postby Father Anderson » 15 Oct 2015, 16:35

Name: (Father) Desmond Carter
Age: 28
Species: Human/Light Nomad
Weaponry Two blades of the purest silver, in the form of a Broadsword (Un named as of now) and a Longsword (Iustus 'Righteous')
Powers/Abilities: His weaponry happens to exist upon every plane of existence. (Basically, if you try and "flash step" at him, when he is behind his blades, you're gonna become chum.) He has the power to wield light as a weapon, a defense, and as a gateway to Righteousness.
He purifies unholy beasts (Vampires, Ghouls, Zombies, Werewolves, ect.) with said light.
Personality: He has high morals, when it comes to children, the way he uses his immense power, and how he serves his Kingdom. He is also an alcoholic, but can intake so much alcohol that he rarely ever gets drunk off of it. He nearly always puts others before himself.
Backstory: There he stood. In each hand was a blade of righteousness, covered in the blood of the enemy. He was panting. The blades were going to rust from the blood if he did not clean them. He got control over himself, and did so. The corpses of countless vampires, and other invaders to his kingdom in which he was loyal. He alone was sent to take care of them. He prayed to the lord for forgiveness, as he cleaned his blades. He inhaled deeply, before allowing the blades to return to the interdimensional sheath from whence they came.
He gingerly withdrew a medium sized book from his coat pocket, and read it silently. He calmed his nerves with the simple lettering, as he withdrew a handkerchief to wipe the blood and sweat away. He sighed, and shut the book, noticing one of the beings still alive. He withdrew his blades by making a cross into the air once more, and was about to execute the non-believer. The form of the blooded vampire shifted into a small girl, then to a bat creature, and then back to a vampiric man. The Father was confused, but ran his blades through it. He had not realized he just killed the biggest threat to his kingdom at that moment.
"I beg the Lord for forgiveness, as I run my blades through these unholy invaders. May they burn in hell to atone for their sins. Amen."
The 'invaders' happened to be soldiers from the depths of the dark of this mythical world. The Pope himself was unsure as to if Father Carter would be capable of dispatching these beasts. He was prepared for his Kingdom to be ravaged. He was prepared to finally meet his lord in heaven. He did not expect the Father to be able to eliminate beasts that existed on multiple planes of existence. Little did the Pope, or the Father himself know, that he was capable of wiping out interdimensional beings.
Father Carter proceeded to make his way through town, catching the cheers of all the citizens, and soldiers alike, all while the Pope himself watched in shock and awe. The Father made his way to the Citadel of Frookcis, and reported to his lord.- "I have succeeded in protecting our Capital, your holiness."
Appearance: Image
Relationships: Father Carter is currently training Erwin Foop, and Violet Stormbreaker in his ways of justice. He and Erwin tend to clash on matters of which each of them deal with specific issues, one such occasion being the ascertaining of the vampiric priest 'Father Cole'. It is shown that Carter cares for his disciples very much, as well as for his country. Carter is also a 'big brother' figure to Duke John Foopford of Frookvale. Foopford resents him, for taking up all of his Father's attention for him to be trained when they were young. Desmond cares for John immensely, however.
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Mark Lapis Tsuchiki

Postby markiplier21 » 22 Oct 2015, 21:10

This Is More Of A Backstory, But I Guess This Is Where I'll Post It, Tell Me If This Doesn't Belong Here

Character: Mark Tsuchiki

Species: Pure Human (Gemling)

Rank: Scientist/King Of A Small Area (Technically)


Appearance: (Young) Image

(Present) Image

Born In The Lapis Household From A Mysterious Force,
The Gem Creation Project, A.K.A T.G.C.P

He Was Trained By His Father, Henry Tsuchiki, Who Introduced Mark To Rosal, Henry's Wife

Mark Was Entered Into The Tsuchiki Forces At 12,He Was Appraised For His Excellent Intelligence In The Great War, But Despite This His Battle Skills Were Weak, So When The Second Great War Came Around He Was 14 And Given A Higher Role As A Team Leader, His Entire Team Was Murdered, And his Family Was Slaughtered, The Last Tsuchiki Besides Mark To Be Recorded Was Violet, Who Is Deceased Right now

After Realizing His Faults, He Decided To Try And Hide From Everything, Becoming An Outcast, Until He Found A Forest, He Thought This Was The Perfect Place to Hide, But He Found Tons Of People Calling Him Stuff He Didn't Understand
But Eventually, He was taught by everyone.

His Powers Include Sand Manipulation And The Ability To Reverse Time It's Self By 5 Minutes, Or Less, Using A Time Crystal

He Can Also Explode Into A Pile Of Sand, As A Defensive Move
Due To His Pure Human Species Trait, He Can Fly (But Is Rarely Seen Doing So) And Move Faster Than The Human Or Gemling Eye Can See


He can no longer manipulate time, but has achieved a side of personality.
Fun Facts:
1. Mark is aromantic
2. Mark's immune system is almost invincible, he has never gotten sick yet
3. Mark doesn't know 0 + Anything
4. In the case Mark gets drunk, He becomes a drunk brit ( No Offense ) And he hugs alot of people while drunk.
5. Mark can't rip paper
6. Mark is allergic to paper
7. Mark's Birthday is 9/16/1998
8. Mark's favourite Color is Cyan
9. His favourite Food is Tacos
10. Mark loves Anime
11. Mark collects special types of paper that he doesn't seem to be allergic to just to write stuff down.
12. Mark was 30 at one point
13. Mark and Mid are the same being
14. Mark's First Word was " Yes "
15. Mark is Left Handed

Designs (Other than present and past):1st FormImage (SO FREAKING CUTE :o :o :o KAWAII FREAKING DESUUUUUUUU :o :o :o )

Mark 2.0 Image
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Re: Character History

Postby Archangel » 31 Aug 2016, 19:43

Name: Ava Marie Morgenstern.
Age: 17.
Nickname: Midnight, Mid, Middy. The nickname will be explain in her background.
Species: Shadowhunter, will also be explained.

Background: Ava, known as Mid, is the offspring of a Demon named Abigor Morgenstern and a Shadowhunter named Mary Fairchild. She was born on October 23rd, 1999, and was taken a year later due to her being. She was raised in a Facility, trained in an Institute, and later released when she was 15 to survive on her own. She named herself Midnight to unknown strangers and got used to the name after meeting countless people. She only now goes by Ava by her parents and people she's close to. A Shadowhunter is a type of person who fights Immortal beings and helps mortals. She is close to a demon named Abbadon, who you all know. Shadowhunters are also known as the "Nephilim".
Weapons: Seraph Blades- the most and primary weapon of the Nephilim that is capable of dealing permanent damage against demons.
Other weapons will be said later on.
Origin: She's mostly from a foreign city called Alicante, but her mother is British.
(An update will be given later.)
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Trying to explain Seraph.

Postby BluesDotEXE » 08 Sep 2016, 04:13

Name: Seraph
Species: Not clear.
Age: Not known.
Nickname(s): The Manipulative, False Angel

Seraph is an exiled god of Orbis whom had significant control over light, and was created by Deus Creationis, and the same went for the other gods. Seraph fell under a mysterious illness at a "young" age and conspired against Arcanus, the god of Water, and the head of the council of Orbis. He eventually became a manipulative god, many stories describing Seraph as a Psychotic, Arrogant, and abusive god under the delusion that he reigned supreme over everything in existence.

Prior to Malachi being exiled, he manipulated Malachi into getting himself exiled so he could fuel a civil war in Orbis, and struck many deals with a race of creatures known as the "Scion". After his brother's failed attempt, Seraph took over Malachi's plans and ended up stealing Scorch's Flame Rod and hiding it in Frost's treasury.

When word broke out that the Flame Rod was found within Frost's possession, All evidence pointed to said god, thus sparking a war which would result in the breakdown of many nations of Orbis, mostly in the southern part of the supercontinent. Seraph convinced minor gods to work with him in an attempt to bring down the other Major gods so he could reign over the world which was in absolute chaos.

Zephyrus, the minor god of storms ended up ratting out Seraph's plot, and Arcanus sealed Seraph in another dimension located in the skies--where the Scion lied in waiting. The earlier mentioned Scion freed Seraph and gave him control over the dimension, which he renamed Seraphim. Using his newfound powers, Seraph launched an invasion upon Orbis, along with a Scion named Cyan. The two tyrants almost took over all of Orbis, when an unseen power ended up sealing both Seraph and Cyan. The invaders were driven back as a result of having no leader.

When Orbis was split into 2 continents, Seraph used Cyan's soul to create a large mass of land in the far north. When Scorch and Frost ended up captured, Seraph came out of hiding and drained power from the 2 gods. When Dark Ace came to put a stop to the madness, Seraph was beaten, but his soul remained, and took over the body of a 33 year old.

Seraph was able to recover a weapon he used in the war--Scalphagos. Using Scalphagos as an "inspiration" he created 2 weapons. Aghastos and Scalastra, and sealed them both in separate dimensions. When he was discovered yet again, Seraph was banished to Tranquility, and to the bottom of the sea.

When Seraph was unsealed by Malachi (whom i will go into detail with later), the 2 attempted to take over Tranquility, and ultimately failed due to the inhabitants intervening. Malachi was vanquished, and his soul was sent to the Graveyard Zone, a dimension rarely talked about, while Seraph merely retreated to another world to search for a new body.

Seraph came in contact with one of the Shadow Tribe (which had been founded by Shadow Ace, whom I will also go into detail with maybe.) and tricked the tribe into breaking a seal which held back exiled gods of Orbis deep underground in said dimension.

Weaponry: Scalphagos -- A weapon capable of shifting between a Broadsword, a Compositebow, and other weapons. Seraph can freely summon this weapon using azure and magenta flames, as it is linked to his soul.

Alternate Form: Seraph Soul -- The remains of Seraph, fully materialized, very dangerous. It is recommended you use weapons with an "element" of darkness against this form. In this state, he can manipulate most elements excluding Electricity and Darkness.

Origin: Albachos (An ancient city in the eastern continent of Orbis, and location of where the other gods from Orbis came into being.)
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Re: Character History

Postby Archangel » 17 Sep 2016, 03:19

Name: Furia. (Hell-Hound.)
Nickname: Love.

Furia, Love, was an innocent 6 year old little girl before a man named Draco captured her. She was changed into a demon, and was later able to take the form of a hell-hound.

Furia was born to parents Mid and Balan, a prince of hell. Draco had later come for their son, Samael, but Balan had sacrificed himself to keep his wife and son safe. Mid moved to Australia that year, taking Samael and Furia with her. Furia first learned her ability when she was 8, after getting lessons from her uncle, Zaebos.

Update: Furia had later grown to be the age of 12, and still currently lived with brother Samael and mother Mid. Balan has not yet returned and his absence is becoming worrisome. Furia had noticed her father not being around since she was 6, and knew why he was gone, due to Mid telling her. She later learned she was a Nephilim, a Shadowhunter, born to a demon and a Nephilim. (Balan being the demon, Mid being the Nephilim.)
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Re: Character History

Postby Archangel » 07 Oct 2016, 01:08

Name: Abigor Morgenstern.
Age: 6,000+
Nickname: The Hunter.

Background: Abigor was born in the early 1200's to unknown parents. He was sent off for adoption because he was unusual, born to mortal parents but being a Downworlder. Around the age of 18, he met Mary Fairchild, Mid's mother, in 1218. Sebastian, his brother in law, cursed Abigor and said he'd one day have a baby who would be The Destroyer. For this, Abigor didn't want children but later took the risks and had Hades first, then Mid was second. When Mid was born, he learned Sebastian was right and almost wanted to give Mid up, but decided he would teach her the wrongs and rights. 10 years later, the Morgenstern family joined the Shadowhunters in a war against Downworlders, and Mary was killed. Abigor then sent Hades off and kept Mid to train her more.

Abigor died in 1482, due to being killed in another war outbreak and this resulted in Mid being taken to a Facility.
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