Character List

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Character List

Postby prophet » 02 Oct 2014, 23:58

This is pretty important, and is for the wiki, I believe.

I need EVERY role player that can, old or new, to post on this with a list of their characters. You can give each character a summary if you'd like, but we're going to compile all of them up. Let me provide an example.

Albereich Akolite
The creator of the Akolite clan. He led it through its first generation until he met his demise at the hands of Dimension. Albereich was very influential on Tranquility and was a splice.

The negative emotions of Albereich compiled into a grotesque, humanoid manifestation. Thrives off of the pain of others and slew Albereich, his very creator. Wanders around, causing destruction at the will of his master, Prophet.

The Old God of Darkness and Death -- One of the most powerful entities to ever exist inside of Tranquility. Created the race known as "Splice" in the hopes of using them to spread more destruction. His attempts failed. Greatly influential role in Tranquility.

Albereich Artolix Akolite II
The nephew of Albereich Akolite, Artolix witnessed his death at the hands of Dimension. Seeking revenge, he took on his uncle's title and hunted Dimension until his voluntary death. He allowed his subordinate, Drago, to slay him.

(Keep the summaries about as short as mine. Tell everybody in the RP room, and if they can't make it themselves, do it for them, please. )
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Re: Character List

Postby Foopzheart » 03 Oct 2014, 00:54

Oh, yikes. Take out that maximum, we're going to have multiple contributors to this. DO THIS.

An ancient God of Chaos. Since the Crimson Wars, has not often appeared on Tranquility. Not much is known of his current status.

The Oracle
A man whose face was never seen. He's been missing since 2011, but at one point, during the wars, said that if the people of Tranquility did not stop their war, then they would face their destruction. Again, missing.

Dr. Erwin Foop
Dr. Erwin Foop is an inventor who happened to live through a nuclear apocalypse. His bunker was abandoned, and he has been missing since. He has appeared in different places and different times, however, so there are rumors of him traveling. He has a large metal gauntlet on his hand. Hated by Ed the Alchemist.

King Foopford
The king of Frookvale. Very kind to the public eye, not so much in the background. Has been, for quite a while, considering attacking somebody--anybody. Hated by Ed the Alchemist.

Dr. Foop [NOT ERWIN]
A graying man running around and trying to help people, but only causing more problems. Has a gauntlet similar to Erwin's. No first name available. Hated by Ed the Alchemist.

Little Billy
Small child, worshipper of dark forces. Not much information available.

Gangly Limping Creature
A 9-foot-tall, grotesque, rotting and leathery faceless creature. Unable to speak in any human language, gurgles often. Disgusting, harmful, but kind and well-meaning. Tends to hide.

The Overseer
A disembodied voice. Takes the form of many people, and many things. Physical form and name not available. Likes to play games.
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Re: Character List

Postby Drago » 03 Oct 2014, 00:55

Drago Akolite
Former leader of the Akoltie clan, having taken the life of Albereich II. Unknown to most of Tranquility. Location unknown as of the appearance and defeat of Ra.

Thunder Yukia
Child prodigy in the martial arts, he is a vagabond and wanders Tranquility aimlessly, always nodding to an unknown beat.

Dai Dai
Also known as "Kong", Dai resides with a close friend with whom he trains with. Unknown to many of Tranquility, Dai is but a wondering soul, waiting to make a rise in the world.
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Re: Character List

Postby RavenDragon14 » 03 Oct 2014, 01:49

Raven Starveil
A vampire who can turn into a dragon or half-dragon. She's quite shy, and leaves if more than two other people are around.

A shapeshifter lady who can control fire.

A white dragon with blue eyes, part of the Zori clan.

The queen of the dragons in the mainland forest.

A werewolf.

A fierce golden dragon, always getting into fights.

Zia's green dragon. She's a bit crazy.

A black dragon with golden eyes, covered in scars.

A starlight dragon. She's a divine healer, because Demitri made her into one.

The oldest dragon in the caves, but still able to fight.

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Re: Character List

Postby The Divine Potato » 03 Oct 2014, 20:55

I apologise if I miss any out, I will add them in a reply to this post if I happen to create any new ones or forget any. Until I get an all clear I'm going to omit any characters that I took from anime or from fandoms.

Miss P

Also goes by the nickname of 'The lazy Goddess', she created the realm of Arventia and populated it with those from the very same mind that had created her, she then proceeded to fabricate a pair of reality benders, Intanae and Alecto to manage the time and space I the local area.


The maintainer of space in Arventia, she allows the fabric of reality to shift and to stay put in the realm at her will, mostly to defend against those who's power borders on manipulating the very bases that cause things to exist, that way she keeps the balance in the kingdoms and the wider continent itself.


The secondary keeper of space in Arventia, she acts on Alecto and Miss P's orders so that she can keep existence in the area held together, she also acts as the head of the organisation in Arventia known as the 'DawnBringers', her aim with them is to eventually show the members the errors of their ways.


The Lord of the monster capital of Hellgondo in Arventia, she is a lamia and descendent of a long line of monster lords who have utter dominion over all monster races in Arventia, wether they be civilised or not.

Edward Califrax

The Lord of the human capital of Aethris, he has a long lineage of rulers but broke himself out of the mould of that legacy, preferring politics over feats in war where his ancestors would have used armies he simply uses careful words behind closed doors, father of Titus Califrax

Titus Califrax

A man who is able to wield any weapon at the level of the greatest person who has ever used that weapon before, prone to violent outbursts he had a difficult childhood being the son of lord Edward who trained him into a vicious killing machine through ignorance.


The Lord of the human-oriented city of Kalvor, a girl absorbed by a rebellious child intent to do absolutely the opposite of what she is told, unless bribed with some form of sweet thing or allowing her to slack off from political duties, she was announced lord at the age of fourteen. At some point she also received training from Tamamo to learn 'Breath of the earth' she also displays the ability to control water within a certain proximity of herself, the distance depends on her current strength.


The lamia Lord of the monster-oriented city of Enthis, she is the 'twin' sister of Nerva, the two were born at the same time but seemed polar opposites, Dallas having red hair and pink eyes as opposed to the reversed palette of her sister, so when the time came she were both announced lord, they currently reside in Haven manor on the outskirts of the very city she rules.


The second lamia that rules the city of Enthis, 'twin' sister to Dallas, the two were crowned as lord due to the birth times being exactly the same, Nerva has pink hair and red eyes while her sister has red hair and pink eyes, she holds the ability to peer into a person's mind when her own eyes are closed and they are where her eyes would be focused on if they were open, making her a very good judge for the Enthis courts.


One of the two lords of the neutral city of Vrede, she is a kitsune with nine tails and was once a personal bodyguard of Alice, but she left that role at the end of the last war between humans and monsters, this was about the time Vrede was formed as a neutral state and she was selected to represent the race of monsters in the office of a fully neutral city of peace.


Another lord that resides in the city of Vrede, he is the representative of the human population through his desire to fight his family in order to join the side that joined together for peace, this earned the title of 'The Mighty' which he bears along with his position of lord.


The ex-lord of the nonexistent city of Bestial, she had made several questionable choices as 'queen' of the city which caused the people to rise up in revolution and overthrow her rule, she only escaped due to her twin brother and her switching places so,that she could escape to another country and start a new life, she is currently somewhere in tranquility disguised as a vagrant.


Goes by the title of 'Master' in the small nation of Shioto which remains under the rule of Hellgondo, he oversees all activities personally and gives a no-nonsense attitude to any room he graces with his stoic demeanour and habit of brandishing a blade in the face of any who attempt to dispute him.


The bodyguard of lord Alice, she is reputed as 'the sharpest shot in all of Arventia', often wielding a sniper rifle which she has shown great skill with, the ability to shoot the wings off of a fly without killing it and such, her vision is extremely acute due to being a kobold or a 'dog person', she also has night vision which is a trait shared by all of her species, along with an immensely sharp sense of smell.

Hinata Shinju Takenaka

A citizen of the city of Shioto, she is an ambassador for the political regime held by master Nagamoto, frequently noted as a shy person by a great deal of people around her, it is her status as a Ryu that places her as one of the top members of society and a national asset to Shioto due to her massive magical power.


A travelling performer who frequents both Arventia and Tranquility on her tours, she is a doppelgänger so she is frequently sought after due to her ability to replicate any humanoid shape and any sound that a human can make due to changing not only her external appearance, but also her internal biology.


An inhabitant or of the seas around Arventia and Tranquility, and infrequently Z'ar Charis she is a Lorely which is a higher breed of mermaid, able to control the weather in the area around her, this allowed her to carve her reputation as 'the one and only lady of the sea.' She has the ability to come onto land via the conversion of a tail to legs, however she requires nearly double the normal human intake of water to sustain this form.

Colette Angelique

A rarely-seen inhabitant of Tranquility who appeared only recently, she displayed a variety of powers, ranging from those already held by significant people, along with those that seemed to be a concoction of her own manipulation of magical essence.


Two girls, individuals known as L and D, these letters standing for the words light and dark, the two of them are exact polar opposites in appearance with essentially reversed colour palettes, the two of them were created in a lab from two halves of the soul of Miss P, who had subsequently given it to a place known as The Facility to experiment, they ended up creating these two with them, though they look eighteen years of old their current age is actually seven months old.
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Re: Character List

Postby Rainshard » 04 Oct 2014, 07:31


Splice and former member of the ITPT. Current location unknown.


A former student at the College of the Elements. Roams round Tranquility, often resorting to thievery instead of actual work.

Aula Member of the Strongshield clan hailing from Galmor. Uses skills with sword and shield to do mercenary work throughout Tranquility.

Arcanis High Agent of the new shady organisation 'Libertal' that is strictly against the current authority in Tranquility. Using spells and magic, Arcanis carries out attacks across Tranquility against the ITPT and other targets to destabilise the current authority. He commands a large group of revolutionaries across the nation.
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Re: Character List

Postby Demitri » 06 Oct 2014, 23:10

Demitri Artolix akolite
Son of Artolix beholder of neutrality and uncle to flandre and remilia, husband to amber, and father to a splice. Corrupted at one point by prophet.
Son of the demon lord , father of chael. Not really much is known.

Yukari yakumo
Teacher of Demitri, Youkai of boundaries and head of the yakumo clan. The first color of yakumo, phantasm violet.

Demitri's wife, half butterfly and has the form in attack known as ambrosia.
Demitri's and amber's daughter. 6 years old and beginning to develops her abilities.

Nobody with control over the moon. Goes into berserk mode when exposed to a full moon or eclipse.
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Re: Character List

Postby Rookie ODST » 24 Oct 2014, 23:30

Rookie ODST: Former T.WO. Operative, ODST Veteran and he is really nice if you get to know him.

Robbie Reyes: Son of El Diablo and an Imperial Grey Knight Sniper.

Prototype Tohaa: A PanOceania Pilot and a mecha engineer.

Razor Titan Guardian: A Titan Guardian and squad leader.

Carlos Pilot: A Militia Spy disguised as an IMC Pilot and he is also Rookie's son.

Master Revan: One of the last survivors of the Space Wolves race.

Bronze ODST: Another survivor of the Space Wolves race.

Defalt: A hacker and mutant able to use electricity.

Lloyd: A mutant and former Citadel guard.

Walrider: A former camera man and now part spirit/demon.

Zakl 'Lunjasee: A Special Operations Sangheili and a heretic.

Kantus Citadel: General of the Citadel guards.

Raiden Sebutai: Commander of a large battle group of Yu Jing soldiers.

Hunter the Grey Knight: A soldier of the Grey Knights.

Gek: A Turian warrior picked for the role of being the leader of a fleet of mixed alien races made up of Sanghieli, Turian, Krogan, Cylon, Ceph, Fallen, and Sentinel.

( will add some more info and characters from time to time )
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Re: Character List

Postby ChristianFangsley » 25 Oct 2014, 08:53

Young man who enjoys peace and quiet. One shared a soul with the Ancient Demon Hgrot. Likes to play with fire. Omega Fang at full power has only one weakness. It is secret.
Jack Rave
Likes partying. Was once a dead pig. Owns the Jackpack, a magical backpack that helps form Omegas. Has not discovered his Omega form.
Made the Jackpack. Really smart. Omega Neoma can shoot balls of energy.
King Thompson
Has silver hair and red eyes and is NOT AN ALBINO. Has super strength. Has not yet discovered his Omega form.
Cupid Bowman
Depressed. Is good with bows. Not like the love guy who shoots magic love arrows.
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Re: Character List

Postby Victor Zxsas » 01 Dec 2014, 14:51

ZOTICUS-Full of Life
A jewish-Greek who happened to stumble upon his true love maxima
when fighting in battle against her. It was instant love; until they day he had to go for war across land
There he was left to starve do to the army they were facing *very powerful and used fire and turned people into ashes-The Kard* was able to destroy there men easily, Thus while he was over seas was when he got his bow, so then ... oath to ashes that he will avenge all of them
He was part of The Ravagers army.
Also new fallen (recent fallen) people from his side are more powerful than the fallen from old battle unless the fallen was from the were from the Kard battle (or any Kard battle).
All of this happened in year 50o-120 B.C

Heartstriker, Oath of Ashes- Bow
Gifted to him by A person of the dead (...) Heartstriker becomes more powerful when there are more fallen warriors for his side. The bows of the striker can penetrate any obstacle in front of them thus can become very powerful; however if no soldiers have fallen from his to make the bows more powerful then the bow stays normal... *can only use bows dusted in ashes of a fallen soldier thus he carries a bag with dead soldiers ashes*

MAXIMA-Great value (valuable)-
Swan Song, Shiv of Cunning
Grew up in a small town
It was raided by a rival clan thus at a young age had to defend her self but of course since she was young (age 7) lost. She able to get her mother's dagger (swan song) before the men killed both her mother and father in front of her. The gods (greek) decided to take her up since at a very young aged she wanted to help people and heal them (so she could eventually resurrect her own family) She rarely tells this story to anyone, so if asked she will lie telling many people different stories thus nobody really knows her origins that well (except for zot of course) and she became the goddess of healing (w/o herself knowing until she noticed that zoticus kept growing and looking older and she kept staying young at the age of 25). Anyway she escaped for the prison that the rival clan sent her to at the age of 17 using only the dagger her mother gave her ( which was used throughout the generation of her family used as a carving never meant for battle because it was said if abused too many times unleashes a terrible curse of becoming un-dead but that could never happen...)
Anyways as she escaped the prison she disguised herself as a dude (so she could get more respect in army ranks) since she decided to join The Krahr- A well known army at the time. She was able to become a general and when the announced that she was a general that is when the battle against the ravagers begin. And after that battle she has been fighting side by side with her hubby in assassin missions. And through these assassin missions they both kept praying to the gods (every once and while) and through there prayers Maxima learned she was a goddess and then started a great book of how to heal everything (and we mean everything).

{Sorry if it's a little messy}

Alexander Thee Great- Otherwise known as light when relieved from his curse, he roamed the lands being a quirky weak fellow, and often not seeked after. He tried to be funny but mostly does stupid things.

Light- The full form of all light (Light from the sun). In order for him to become "Psychical" he must first be noticed by anything with a shadow.
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