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Re: Character List

Postby BluesDotEXE » 31 Dec 2014, 02:44

Dark Ace
Bio: Born from combining the DNA of Seraph, Malachi, and a human. Hunted for containing secrets of Orbis.

Weapons: Aghastos-Sword - Three feet of black steel emitting a chaotic aura. The hilt is made of a scarlet leather, and those who are slashed are sometimes burnt.

Aghastos-Bow - A lightweight compound bow that curses arrows used with it. The curse allows it to seek heat signatures, making the bow the most dangerous weapon Aghastos can become.

Aghastos-Spear - A spear similar to Gungnir. Easy to strike with, fatal drawback is that it saps a lot of life energy.

Aghastos-Halberd - The "relative" of Spear. Those who are hit get their skin ripped open rather than merely cut open. Pierces armor with ease. Drawback is that it's the heaviest of the weapons.

Powers: Dark Alchemy - Ace can use shadowy areas to conjure beasts, strengthen Aghastos, and much more. Dark Alchemy weakens Ace however, and causes him to lose control if too much power is used.

Storms - Ace can freely manipulate winds to create small tornadoes, and can cause bolts to crash down on people.

Leon Ramirez
Bio: Born in a similar way, only in a mirrored universe. Leon can manipulate normal humans with persuasion.

Weapons: Dark Vengeance - A blade created from Dark Matter. Can take a few hits before shattering. Can autoheal over time.

Stun Boltshot - A handgun which burns Leon's hand when it fires a bolt of electricity. Leaves enemies paralyzed.
Powers: None

Bio: An Orbis exiled god who could manipulate the dark. Used by Seraph to ignite war in olden days.

Weapons: Cacherum - A staff which could be used to make certain areas darker. Works very well at nighttime.

Darksword - A sword which Malachi can conjure freely. The perfect counter to Dark Vengeance.

Powers: Dark Alchemy - Unlike Ace, Malachi can use dark alchemy without drawbacks. Can even be used to conjure stronger beasts, or to block out light.

Bio: An Orbis exiled god who could manipulate light. Commonly referred to as the False Prophet.

Weapons: Scalphagos-Sword - Three feet of destruction. Those who are hit suffer from an effect similar to that of a flashbang for a few seconds.

Scalphagos-Staff - Seraph's favorite form and only other form. Seraph uses the staff to blind enemies, or to hypnotize them into doing his bidding.

Powers: Light Alchemy - Seraph can use light alchemy to intensify the sun, bust bulbs, and more. Can also be used to cause blackouts by sapping energy from power plants.

Soul Form - Seraph has no true physical body. If the physical body is destroyed, the soul can flee, unless it's trapped.

Bio: A servant to the mysterious Lord. Not much else known.

Weapons: Poison-laced Dagger - Seviro never goes into public without holding onto a dagger with poison within it.

Varieties of Bombs - Sleep Bombs, Tear Gas Bombs, and Flashbangs. Each are very small.
Powers: Conjure - Seviro can conjure clones of himself to carry out his work for the Lord.

Bio: An unknown individual. Hired Leon and Seviro.

Weapons: Black Mace - A mace created by forcefully cramming souls into metal. Capable of breaking bones with ease.

Powers: Unknown.

Bio: A swift hunter. Former minion of Seraph.

Weapons: Crossbow - A crossbow with a variety of arrows.

Powers: None

Bio: A human who met with a spirit by the name of Dynamo. Runs a company that sells electrical appliances.

Weapons: None

Powers: Fusion - Adam can freely fuse with Dynamo to gain the ability to manipulate electricity. Wears off after 5 minutes.

Bio: A bounty hunter. He's known for being silent.

Weapons: A variety of guns, swords, and more.

Powers: None

Bio: A mage from another dimension. Lurks in the shadows.

Weapons: Boneblade - A sword made of bone. Bone might have come from a dinosaur.

Bone Staff - Bonegon's favorite weapon which he uses to conjure beings with.

Powers: Resurrection - Bonegon can resurrect beings from fossils to do his bidding.

Bone Manipulation - Bonegon can use bones to form monsters.

Light Alchemy - Taught to Bonegon by Seraph in exchange for helping him escape. Can do almost the exact same things as Seraph can.

Dark Alchemy - Taught to Bonegon by Malachi in exchange for helping him escape. Can do almost the exact same things as Malachi can.

Shadow Ace
Bio: A copy of Ace created by Malachi. Turned on his master to simply terrorize cities.

Weapons: Blacksword - A copy of Dark Vengeance which cleaves opponents who are unfortunate enough to come in reach of the ridiculously long blade.

Powers: Dark Alchemy - This alchemy is stronger than Malachi's own Dark Alchemy. Only used when furious. Capable of drowning entire cities in darkness.
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Re: Character List

Postby Epio » 11 Feb 2015, 21:48

I only have one character (coz I'm new) but here I go!

Froxii Tundara
Her first memories were of her awakening, in a grove near the west of Tranquility. From that dawn she has learned much about the enhabitants of the war riddled land.
Froxii's sex is unknown, but most assume that she is female, because of her appearance and voice.
During her short life span, she has developed what she feels is a friendship with the human hunter Xander, whom she has entitled: Mr Hunter.

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Re: Character List

Postby lineskis » 22 Feb 2015, 22:03

sooo I dunno if im going to make more, but I wanted to start role-playing, so bear with me.

A blind 20 year old, incredibly in tune with her senses and the world around her, she has two black glass eyes. She lives off the land and is constantly armed with a quarterstaff and two knives. She left her two parents and her sister at 16 to explore the world, she is kind but fierce with passions and loves a good adventure. She is from the northern rural lands of Russia. She is employed as a protector, someone pays her to protect someone from point A to point B and she will get that person from there to there and do whatever it takes to make sure that happens successfully.
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Re: Character List

Postby Kaine » 24 Mar 2015, 20:51

Kaine of Cane'ean (his clan)
Kaine was born human. His parents were killed by raiders when he was a mere five years of age. He barely escaped with his life, and grew to the age of fifteen with vengeance in his eyes. He has defeated the king of Northumbria (who was the leader of the raid that had occurred 20 years before the king's death). Kaine claimed Northumbria for his own, and renamed it "ASBJØRN". In the next 20 years he embarked on a quest for allies, and faced many monsters. He encountered Odin, who blessed him with the abilities he has today. Kaine will not die of natural causes, and he has powers to control elements and heal wounds. Kaine looks like a 16 year old boy, but is fact 561 years old. He frequently roams Tranquility, and has befriended many, including those of the Alkolites. He is friendly most of the time, but will not hesitate to kill an enemy.

Kaiya of Ægerea (her clan)
An Identical twin of Kaine, only a girl, and three years younger. She went through all of the things Kaine did, in fact they lives nearly identical lives. Kaine thought she was taken by the raiders and sold into slavery, then assumed her dead. They eventually met on business between their two kingdoms, of course immediately becoming allies the second they saw each other. She has the same full body Celtic knot tattoo as him, only hers glows a deep sea blue, his a dark green.

They can now be seen together a lot, but sometimes Kaine needs to run on errands for his kingdom, and she for her kingdom, Æger, named after the norse god of the sea. It was built on the ocean.
I'm sorry that was so long, but you really need to know that first story to understand the character.

Draëkïn Akolite
A cousin of Kaine and Kaiya, He lives in Absjørn with Kaine, and is often sent out to explore lands, investigate problems being caused in absjørn, be a messenger and scout out other kingdoms for absjørn.

Draëkïn is 6 feet tall, somewhat bulky, and where's black leather pants and a black leather jacket. He has a tattoo of a serpent who's head starts at the top of his right ear, around the back of his ear, then wraps around his neck, the tail hanging down onto his chest. On his left arm he has a sleeve depicting Loki's (Norse god of trickery) son, Fenrir, being bound by the silk ribbon that is enchanted by the dwarves. The serpent can be summoned to life, and grows to be 30 feet long when summoned.
Your Viking brother (and sister), Kaine and Kaiya
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Re: Character List

Postby Oni_The_Legend » 19 Jun 2015, 02:45

Oni Akolite- Half Asura, half Akuma no Hikori. God of hip hop also a member of the Akolite clan.

The Asura- A phyical manifestation of The Asura entity that possess the body of Oni increasing his power, brutality, and rage by a great amount.

Jin Takahasuzuru- Creator of the Akuma no Hikori clan. Human being of immense power. Great great great grandfather of Oni.
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Re: Character List

Postby MeePtheDragon » 08 Jul 2015, 14:16

Jaster Rogue: 18 year old who tries to remain alone, though he fails miserably, often trying to make friends with the worst people alive.
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Re: Character List

Postby Alpha_The_Centurion » 18 Sep 2015, 17:28

Alpha: The retired hero. Spends his days sitting on a beach on his home planet. A man whose escapades are told as legends among peasants and royalty alike. Journeys spanning time and space, defeating things once thought invincible. Once thought to be unaging, this smaller myth has been disproved as he ascends into what for a human would be, their thirties. Always open to challenges and always willing to help.

Slade: A hot-blooded warrior hailing from the village Karthen, a well-built powerful young man who found himself to be proficient with an axe. Multiple axes, in fact. Clad in half plate, helmet-bore and form littered with weapons he adventures about the realms. Always looking for new challenges and new loot. Your ideal dungeon crawler. Wielding a battleaxe, a greataxe, and two handaxes.

Adreus: Adreus, the Grand Alchemist. Adreus began his studies under a young boy named Ark, a skilled alchemist surpassing even the fabled Elric Brothers. At the age of fifteen his entire body, stretching from toe to head was tattooed in an alchemical array. Accepted as a State Alchemist, he began working for Ark to keep an eye on the State Alchemists and subsequently Fuhrer King Bradley. Although he is an extremely skilled Alchemist, he has extensive training in hand to hand and firearm use. Mixing the two into a deadly combination.

Wendigo: A name spoken in hushed whispers by even the most powerful of kings, though to his friends he's known as Wendy. A demon of the forest, sworn to protect it as the last of his kind. Standing at a staggering twenty feet, a thin wiry brown frame coated in thick white fur leaving his forearms, calves down, and face visible. A face like a mask, two round black eyes and a mouth hidden. Although he may be a murderous defender, he is still an adorable and lovable creature.

Azazar: Son of the fabled demon Azazel, born of a mortal woman and known as a Tiefling. A skilled Warlock, training from an extremely young age to become proficient in combat-centered magics. Lacking the utility of a wizard, he makes up for it in pure destructive ability. Spell List:
Eldritch Blast
Hellish Rebuke
Witch Bolt
Burning Hand
Comprehend Languages
Scorching Ray
Vamp Touch

Eadrian: Eadrian, the arrogant half-dragon son of Alpha. During his time spent as the dragon king, Alpha had many an affair. None were as famous as his supposed spout with the Dragon Queen Tiamat. Though some doubt it, the evidence is walking the Earth. A Cosmic Dragon. Born with limitless power, he rose under the tutelage of his mother. Though his nature, gained from his fathers genetics, yearned for freedom. For something more. So he fled. Escaping and living a life of pleasure and debaucheries. His power has made his arrogant, and careless, overextending himself in combat and underestimating his opponents. Though one thing is for sure, his power is true as the sun.

Dorian: The Fallen Angel. Dorian was a young Xanaku, an angel cast down from heaven at birth due to his heritage. He was sent to Earth, and grew up on the penal colony of Jigoku. Under an oppressive systematic imprisonment of anything not human, he found himself constantly confiding in others of his kind and resenting humans. Until one day, on his sixteenth birthday when he just couldn't live under them anymore. He incited a rebellion, take over the island colony of Jigoku and setting millions of people free. He now wanders the Realms, defeating tyrants and freeing oppressed civilizations everywhere.

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Re: Character List

Postby Minana » 07 Oct 2015, 01:37

Former member of the Kage clan. Became the leader at some point, but quit after a while due to less people joining the clan. She can form bright blue orbs made out of cosmic energy in her hands, but she rarely uses this power unless she thinks it's absolutely necessary. She's mostly seen goofing around with her best friend Rosie.
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Re: Character List

Postby BIG EYES » 08 Oct 2015, 18:22

Eyes: An enigma of Tranquility, Many know of this being's existence, and more or less fear and praise him (male by human standards). His attitude towards others is mixed but mostly friendly to all. As a being born from the void itself, he has lived in one of the harshest dimensions ever, living a life of hunter and hunted. Being the very first void-born to ever emerge from the void, he commands it as one of his own abilities, dimensional control and shifting. Through his years, Eyes has amassed everything he knows, and being immortal has seen many conflicts. Because of his knowledge, he has the ability to use almost any form of power, ranging from pyrokinesis to cryokinesis to telekinesis. Aside from his unknown combat abilities, he enjoys eating, so much so that he feasts on the souls of anything in Tranquility but has limited his habit to not cause too much destruction. He has since then been traveling other dimensions, learning of the customs and learning even more about the vast dimensions beyond the Void.

Wraith(John): The Hunter. A man who was born from the complete cloning of Eyes himself. They are similar in looks though John has more of a coffee-brown skin and much more youthful look compared to eyes being slightly whiter in color. As a boy around the age of 6, he was immediately noticed by the organization known as The Facility, a group dedicated to the research of the supernatural and other species that live on Tranquility. Needless to say, his nickname Wraith was given to him, for his ability to stalk, hunt, and contain almost any being that he came across. Even at the age of 15, he was a gifted genius, being the first to create the Stormbreakers, aka Nephilims. But all that changed when he began his studies of the Void. Now his encounter with his ancestor and his accidental fusing with him, John has changed himself. No longer was he the ruthless hunter, the man who stalked his prey, now he is seen as a father figure to almost everyone he meets, a man who has a caring and nurturing touch. But don't mistaken his kindness as weakness, for John is far from weak, since his combination with Eyes, he has access to his abilities, as well as the ability to nullify most abilities of other people on contact. John loved to get bloody and bruised up in fights, hence he always charged headfirst, fighting his opponent with the knowledge of martial arts he has accumulated. Despite all that, John has sworn to give up on Fighting, only for defending the weak and protecting his loved ones. He was last seen in Arventia, where he was meeting up with his old friend Dallas.

Amnael: The Child. As said by her title, Amnael or Anna is the newest edition to the line. Only about 4 months old to this day, she is very very childish, her most defining feature being her smile and her playful nature. Anna is the result of a cloning of John, though the method of cloning used gave Anna the mindset of a 13 year old. Besides that, her appearance is similar to a 22 year old Latina, though she has auburn hair and is slightly Petite. Anna is much like her father, a skilled cook like him, and a skilled fighter as well. She loves to eat, always frequently seen eating Kaki-no-Tane, a type of tea snack as well as talking and playing with the various creatures of Tranquility. An even more impressive feat, she has learned everything there was about Tranquility in the span of her very short life. Anna is not to be trifled with, despite being newly created. Despite being a short woman, 5 foot 2 inches, her other strength lies in her combat abilities. She is an excellent street fighter and boxer, has even sparred her father on equal footing, despite his ability to take away her powers. Since she has a mindset of a 13 year old, she is very prone to bursts of anger, which immediately causes her to enter a near-state of berserker, where she would literally destroy the target and destroy anything around it. A true prodigy of her father, she has a childish and slightly motherly feature. Her caring is easily that of her fathers, as she is seen taking care of the various creatures and healing them. Anna was last seen at a Hospital, about to assist in the surgery of someone.
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Re: Character List

Postby Demitri » 09 Oct 2015, 18:34

I would update Demitri but stuff has gotten so complicated i forget half of it. Jus try to remember what i say in rp for me .3.
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