The Father of Death

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The Father of Death

Postby Alpha_The_Centurion » 29 May 2015, 14:20

Night had begun to settle upon the small Massachusetts town of Arkham, the sun kissed the horizon and the moon was already upon it's accelerated pace into the sky. The city was bathed in the Eldritch, creeping fear that had wraught it's citizens since the day it was built. The citizens returned to their abodes, locking their doors and windows. Though they had lived here for generations, and knew what they must do, it did not make it any easier. The feeling of being watched would follow one throughout the entirety of the town, and the air hung heavy on the lungs of any man or woman. Eyes, seen only for a split second before disappearing and the hushed whispers of cults long dead, untold of for centuries haunted any visitor so unlucky as to not have found lodging before nightfall.

Though Alpha was not your average visitor, he had visited Arkham, along with the small port town of Innsmouth many a time and had found that he enjoyed them. He fit in quite well with the night crowd and tonight, he was meeting someone special. Considering the time period, the Early twenties, his clothing choice and general appearance had to change to fit it. A white button up shirt with a black vest, and a tan overcoat adorned his form, leading down into a pair of dress pants and black dres shoes. His sharp pale features were accentuated by his hair, long and black though today it had been slicked back with a form of hair gel to keep his looks proper and contained. His mannerisms had also experienced a paradigm shift, moving from a laid back freestyle martial artist, a man without bounds to a more reserved and proper attitude. Speaking only when he needed to, and expressing the main idea of his sentence immediately, not working for superfluous details.

He had found his way through Arkham with ease, the layout of the city imprinted upon his mind heavily. His quickened pace ceased in the blink of an eye, his pupils thinned and he spoke out in a low, almost queried tone "Howard? I know you're there. You could never hide your presence, even a man of the eldest age could sense you." A smirk that could simply be felt was plastered upon the face that crept from the darkness, dressed similar to Alpha, though wearing a pair of thin glasses and with short slicked over hair the young man extended a hand to Alphas shoulder. His touch was cold, he could feel it through his clothing, through his jacket and blazer and shirt and he could feel it seep into his skin. "Howard, do you have it?" Alpha spoke without turning, waiting for a response. The crinkle of paper answered his question, and he spun about in an almost rushed manner to find Howard lifting a brown paper envelope.

The envelope was large, big enough for a book, infact. Opening it, the young man removed the contents, and dread washed over Alpha. Though, betraying this feeling a smirk crept to his visage, and his hand extended out to grasp the contents. A book, simple enough. The leather it was bound in felt strange, smooth but... disgusting. If one was keen enough, they could identify it as human skin. The pages bound by teeth and bone, flipping it open a low groan permeated the air about them and Alphas eyes ran over the contents. He didn't seem too bothered, as he let out a low chuckle and looked to Howard "Thank you Howard. I duly appreciate it." Written in blood, these directions were all he needed.

Howard closed his eyes for a moment and the darkness about them grew thick, almost gaining literal mass as tendrils whipped from thin air around Howards' form. His hands rested at his side and he let out a low sigh, speaking out in his queer tone "Now my friend, I must bid you adieu. Good... day. Good day to you sir." With a bow, the man disappeared into the darkness about them and his presence was gone. Alphas eyes cantered down to the book in his hands, he let out a low sigh and whispered "Abdul Alhazared, I do hope you weren't completely insane."

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