Current RP Rules

This is for role-playing crazies out there. Battle one another to see who reigns supreme!
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Current RP Rules

Postby Foopzheart » 23 Aug 2015, 18:46

Combat Rules
[General Combat]
1. Combat takes place in two styles: speed and para. Speed can only be done on the chat, but para can be done in the chat AND the forum.

2. Combat is separated into tiers: Low-tier, Mid-tier, and High-tier. Tiers are useful for making sure that your character isn’t going up against someone who can crush Tranquility with a single a blow when you can barely obliterate a mountain, so to speak. Low tier encompasses weak powers such as basic fire manipulation, super speed or strength. A low-tier fight would only incorporate these kinds of powers. Mid-tier is typically subjective; somewhere in between extremely powerful and weak. High-tier is typically space/time manipulation or anything that manipulates reality.

3. If a character is killed then the character may not immediately resurrect and attempt to ‘revenge kill’ the winner of the previous spar.

1. If no terms are agreed upon before a fight, the default style of combat between two characters will be S10.

2. If you do not wish to fight someone, tell them so -- if they continue, simply consult a moderator or ignore them.

3. If someone attacks another user while they are away, the attacker’s posts are void.

4. If you leave during a fight, make sure to “brb” or “afk” so that you can confirm that you were in fact away.

5. A spar is noncanonical, hence your character does not actually die if they are killed in one. A duel is canonical, and death permanently kills your character unless they are revived by other means.

6. A judge or witness is not needed for a spar, but one is required for a duel.

7. If someone is going to para in the chat, it should be done in room 4 and NOT RP.

8. In a para, if your post goes over the word limit of a single post, put “-C” at the end to signal that you will be continuing on to a second post. You should also make sure to state “-D” at the end of your turn, so that all parties know that you are completed with your posting.

1. If you have a problem with your opponent in a para fight, PM them or a moderator your problem, instead of fighting on the forum.

2. Establish a posting order, for instance, make sure you know who’s posting first, who’s posting after that person, and so on and so forth -- stick to the pattern.

War rules
1. Both organizations involved in the war will agree upon a style in which to conduct the war, which will either be speed or para.

2. A war is concluded when either every member of the opposing organization has been subdued or slain, or the leader, along with expressed intent surrenders.

3. The winning team may decide what to do with either captured enemies during a war, or those who surrender at the end of a war.

4. The organization who has had war declared upon them may not decline the ultimatum, but is not obligated to respond to several consecutive war requests from the losing organization of a war that just occured.

5. Both organizations will agree on the setting for their conflict, with the defending organization taking priority, being on the defense.

Story rules
1. Do not join a story without permission from those participating.

2. Ask if a story has specific rules. If it does, follow those rules or your post is subject to being voided.

3. Your story, or the one you are participating in, does not apply to the entire room. Do not incorporate those who do not wish to be incorporated.

4. Do not argue over the specifics of a story with the actual person controlling it. Their word is #1 in their own story.

5. If somebody has an established lore in their story, do not, without their permission, do anything to seriously alter it. For example: If a race of characters is resistant to fire, do not say they are weak to fire for no apparent reason.

General rules
1. Frooks are the official currency of Tranquility, if currency is to be used.

2. If someone has the same power as yourself (For example control over fire.) Then the dispute over who has greater control should be settled by the parties involved.

3. Role-playing, barring self-rp, is to take place in room 3, or RP, only. Excessive role-playing in other rooms will be met with punishment.

4. Self-RP is to take place in Room 4, accessible through the RP room. Self-RP which floods room 3 will be met with punishment.

5. Don’t argue with other users in chat over your role-play. When it comes down to it, arguments should be taken to private message. Any prolonged argument which halts the flow of the room will be punished.

6. God characters may participate in story RP but may not take part in combat RP.

7. Abuse of powers in any situation will not be tolerated.

8. No user may take control of another user’s character without their permission. Doing so will result in punishment. There are some exceptions to this rule. Specifics, should they be needed, should be given by a mod or experienced RPer.

9. All FWG rules still apply.

10. No character may be completely immortal if they are capable of fighting.

11. Remember to separate yourself from your character. (First person narrative is fine.)

12. Limit OOC (out of character) in the RP room, it can be disrupting to the role play environment. Just as role-playing is disruptive to room 1, room 1 discussion is disruptive to RP. Be considerate.

Clan rules
1. You may be in more than one clan at once. However, if you are in two clans that are at war, you may only battle for one.

2. Guilds and colleges must be made for the purpose of teaching or mastery of a skill.

3. Occasionally, clans may meet to discuss world events and, if need be, vote on specific things.

4. Clans do not have a minimum member requirement. However, if a clan is inactive, they will not be able to meet and discuss with other clans.

5. You may not join any clan, guild, or college without being approved by a higher-up. Higher-ups that may approve new members will vary by clan, and some will be rejected. Complaining will do nothing.

6. A clan leader has complete power over his or her members and is not obligated to keep someone in their clan if they do not pull their own weight.

7. If a higher-up member of a clan you are in gives you an order, you may not refuse it, lest you risk being removed from the clan at the leader’s discretion.

8. Clans may decide on a ‘base’ with which to house their clan members, this will most often be the location in which they will be defending during a war.

High tier abilities/traits
1. Gaps

2. Control of space

3. Control of time

4. Memetics

5. Reality manipulation

6. Becoming intangible

7. Instant teleportation

8. Gravity manipulation

9. Resurrection (during battle)

10. Omnipresence/Omniscience/Omnipotence

11. Interdimensional travel

12. Dimension Manipulation [Pocket Dimensions]

13. Fourth Wall Breaking

Note: The high tier ability list is a replacement for the power ban list. No ability or trait should be banned, but some do belong to a high tier and therefore may not be used in low or mid-tier battles. If there is a disagreement over whether a power is high tier, bring it to a mod or any experienced RPer to discuss.

Thanks to Paul, Prophet, Rainshard, and anybody else who helped get these out (mostly thanks to Paul and Prophet--they did a lot of the work)
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