The Gem Armada (Idea)

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The Gem Armada (Idea)

Postby markiplier21 » 15 Nov 2015, 22:02

A new threat to tranquility (Yes, another one) has arrived, The Gem Armada

You can join them, but they're not necessarily good guys, soon they will attack tranquility


0. The Lord Of Gems, Gaia Genderless

1. Diamond, The Headmaster Of Hubworld (Real Name=Gaster) Male

2. Pink Diamond, The Headmaster Of The Peridot Core (And An Expert In Acrobatic Professionalism) (Real Name=Chell) Female

3. White Diamond, The Headmaster Of The Royal Guard (Real Name=Azel) Male

4. Vacant

5. Vacant

6. Vacant

7. Vacant

Royal Guard:

1. Blue Diamond Male, Was Previously Sergeant Peridot (Deceased) (Known As Mark 2.0)

2. Lieutenant Opal Male

3. Captain Morganite Female

4. Ace Amethyst Female

5. Trainer Spinel Male


1. Private L. Opal Male

2. Private Onyx Female

3. Private Quartz Male

4. Private Rainbow Q. Female

5. Private Rose Q. Female

6. Private Dusty Q. Male

7. Vacant

8. Vacant

9. Vacant

10. Vacant

11. Vacant

12. Vacant

13. Vacant

14. Vacant

15. Vacant


1. Pink Diamond (Maintenance Worker And Core Fixer)

2. Vacant


1. Ruby (Fire) Male

2. Sapphire (Water) Female

3. Emerald (Grass) Genderless (Not Confirmed)

4. (Earth)

Gemling Children(Infinite amount of spaces):

1. Allisah
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Re: The Gem Armada (Idea)

Postby The Divine Potato » 26 Jul 2016, 01:41

I demand Headmaster spaces 4-7 for Forkius The Dark Lord.
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Re: The Gem Armada (Idea)

Postby prophet » 26 Jul 2016, 11:12

lukia you have absolutely zero room saying anything is cringey with your signature. you do you, markiplier! i'll join.


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Re: The Gem Armada (Idea)

Postby Rainshard » 26 Jul 2016, 22:00

Off topic posts deleted. Keep it civil lads.
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