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Y'all know I love writing lore

Posted: 30 Jun 2016, 16:13
by prophet
This doesn't have to be canon, but it should be canon.


The world, Tranquility, was given form; enigmatic and all-powerful entities ascended from the nothingness and spread their spawn -- each of these progenitors possessing control over different aspects of reality. These gods varied greatly in power, the uniqueness of their elements definitively producing significant gaps in might. Whilst the gods' minions toiled, they themselves squabbled; conquering, waging war. Gradually, over the eons of battling and blood-shed, a pecking order was formed, and two sides were established. Prophet, the god of death and darkness conjured his demented, nefarious champions and ruled over his faction of gods without mercy; rising to power through treachery and cloak-and-dagger politics. Opposing the lord of destruction was the god of light and life, Paladin; a shining example of divinity and mercy. Paladin presided over battalions of powerful, angelic warriors, who worked incessantly to counter and defeat Prophet's hordes. The weak flocked to Paladin, seeking refuge and shelter from the conflicts which tore into their abodes and obliterated their livelihoods.

Century after century, the eternal struggle between light and dark stagnated.

A faction allied to Prophet rebelled, and was met with ruthless punishment; The Wolf Goddess was incapable of defending against Prophet's 0nslaught. The Dark 0ne himself participated in the decisive battle, which concluded with the enslavement of the wolves' leader and commander, resulting in utter loss. There was a single exception; a human warrior assisting the goddess was spared. Ferocious and courageous, devoid of fear, he challenged Prophet in direct combat. Obviously no match, the warrior, using the alias Ghost, was harshly defeated. The Patriarch of Darkness, however, was impressed by his resolve and permitted him a chance at survival, as a warrior in his legions. Ghost accepted, and was granted the Wolf Queen's recently stripped power. Grateful to Prophet, Ghost served him fervently; passionately slaying scores of Paladin's subordinates and rapidly climbing the ranks of The Dark God's forces; eventually reaching the position of general. Utilizing the strategic ability and raw power of Ghost, Paladin was overpowered and his forces were enthralled.

Prophet, now granted complete control over Tranquility, ushered in an age of tyranny and constructed The Council of Gods, an instrument to instill obedience within all denizens of the world. Ghost, serving as his adviser and enforcer simultaneously, 0nly grew in power; his influence resonating throughout The Council's ranks. Prophet feared mutiny and took action, betraying Ghost. Using the element of surprise, Prophet struck him down and abandoned him; intending for him to rot and fade into obscurity.

Ghost's divinity 0nly stirred.

Left for dead, his mortal body decayed; his humanity fleeted, allowing The Wolf Queen's energy to bend and grow with its new vessel. Ghost had transcended into a god; The God of Time and Space. Such an unnatural transformation produced unnatural might; unprecedentedly powerful might. Returning to The Council of Gods, Ghost confronted and exposed The Dark Lord; defeating him publicly and assuming control over The Council of Gods swiftly and without resistance. Prophet was exiled, sent to the far-reaches of Tranquility; allowed to cling to his existence, under the circumstances that he would never return. Livid and desperate -- thirsty for power and control -- he spent centuries brooding; collecting a makeshift resistance to eject Ghost from power and attack The Council of Gods. Upon his return, Ghost single-handedly vanquished the invaders and captured Prophet; expelling him from Tranquility entirely by restricting his powers drastically and sealing him away in a pocket dimension, which would serve as his prison..

Consumed by rage, Prophet agonized; biding his time, awaiting his eventual egress. Eons passed, and in a single instance, Prophet was freed; unleashed upon Tranquility 0nce more, albeit severely weakened. This Tranquility was different; it wasn't as The Dark Lord had left it. Humanity had assumed the reigns, and the gods had vanished.


As the undisputed ultimate power in Tranquility, the world was a canvas; 0ne awaiting The Dark 0ne's sinister brush. Unable to directly use his almighty powers to afflict and subserviate the inhabitants of the new world, it was elected that the first stroke would be to plant seeds of corruption. Bending his appearance and impersonating man, Prophet seduced a maiden and had her bare a child. This offspring, whom resembled death with its pallid skin, would be what Prophet perceived to be the first of its kind; twisted genes which bore both traits from the divine and traits from man. The child was named Alkatir of Asli; a boy whose destiny was to be a puppet for the darkness. Alkatir's place of origin was an arid village, where the sun's rays inspired dark skin in those exposed to it. Already an anomaly, the boy was raised as an outcast; a bastard child, with white skin and unnaturally fluorescent verdant eyes. A victim of ridicule and harassment, Alkatir grew violent in his early youth, unaware of the ancient evil which swelled inside of him.

Each day, Alkatir's ire escalated. At the dawn of his adolescence, it was unleashed upon the 0ne he loved most. The boy slew his mother with a single sleight of his hand. Ensnared by agony and pain, Alkatir fled his home and relinquished everything. The Dark Lord watched with confidence that the gloom would consume his son and leave in his stead a puppet, but Prophet did not anticipate the force of human willpower. On a journey of self-discovery, Alkatir explored his emotions and the extent of his powers, which began to seem endless. The boy was capable of weaving destructive firestorms, summoning and manipulating jets of ice and water, channeling lightning, gyrating and pulsating the air which loomed about him, fragmenting the ground and contorting its structure, moving and solidifying shadows, sprinting faster than a desert cat, and lifting anything, no matter its weight. This even awed his father, who was unaware that mixing the blood of man with his own would yield such seemingly endless prowess.

Years leaped by, and Alkatir of Asli, the Alpha Splice, was beginning to attain the respect of his gifts while inadvertently neglecting the darkness which swirled in his heart. Alkatir ultimately revisited civilization and kept his divine status confidential. The lands of men, at this time, were presently being encroached upon by dragons, which demanded mass conscription across its villages. Voluntarily, Alkatir enlisted himself as a warrior; becoming a charlatan by forging and proposing a story of his past mercenary work in the desert. The war between dragon-kin and mankind was a bloody 0ne, which resulted in a tenuous victory in humanity's favor. Alkatir became a legend for his incredible performance on the battlefield; his very existence questioned by many. As years passed, the Alpha Splice was 0nly whispered of; his deeds encompassed by conceptual opacity.

The Dark Lord's aspirations of ever reclaiming his hold on the world of men faltered, until Alkatir had children of his own. The Alpha Splice maintained a diligent eye over his progeny; constantly inspecting them, yet not informing them of what might reside inside of them.
But these boys were not like their father.
These splices, inherently poisoned -- inherent cursed -- inherently evil -- did not have the willpower nor the intelligence to stray away from the enticing devilry which permeated their soul, but they also possessed less power; 0nly capable of controlling a single element of nature, rather than all of them. Night fell, and their daggers found the heart and the mind of their creators.
This set the precedent for splices to come; they were to be groomed, powerful killers; enamored by The Dark Lord and the abolishment of freedom and peace. Centuries passed, and Prophet's bloodline grew wider; serving as a host for his influence and sinking their hooks into the politics of men and secretly controlling it for the sake of their own wicked agenda. Alkatir of Asli's legend was extinguished and his legacy was 0ne of horror.

The flame of his soul, however, was rekindled.
Enter Albereich Akolite.

Recent History

Born to the house Akolite of Prophet's Covenant -- a prestigious clan of splices renowned for their blood lust and savagery in combat -- Albereich was indoctrinated into a life of brutality at a young age; surrounded by slaughter and deception. As the boy matured, it became evident that he was inherently softer and harbored less ill-will than his kin. A sign of weakness, it was capitalized on by Albereich's brothers and sisters; using him as a stepping stool and frequently physically abusing him to please their sadistic minds. Albereich was being taught to obey the strong and smite the weak; being taught to worship a forlorn, primordial god. At the age of fourteen, Albereich finally saw through the madness and elected to defend himself. Using his affinity to shadow, he was forced to murder his siblings and parents; effectively annihilating the Akolite family and fleeing from the covenant, leaving himself as Akolite's sole legacy. Much like Alkatir of Asli, his distant ancestor, Albereich was gripped with remorse and guilt; insanity clawed at his conscious. Albereich traveled the path of the vagabond for weeks, hardly capable of competency.

On the fray of complete lunacy, Albereich became desperate for a cure to his inhumanly fervent emotions; arriving at the great library in search of information about his kind and the dark lord. Albereich stumbled across a decrepit, obscure tome which held relevant information, and his mind scoured across it -- its texts revealed hints of his nature and his origin. Albereich came to a conclusion: in order to reattain his sanity, he would have to propose a sacrifice. Stumbling and staggering into the pines as the moon rose, Albereich traversed the forest and fell to his knees in its bowls; gripping hold of his right arm and excruciatingly ripping it from his person. Bleeding profusely, Albereich stained his digits in his oozing crimson fluids and commemorated his severed arm with a skull; the symbol of death; the symbol of Prophet. Albereich Akolite detached himself from anger, and detached himself from remorse -- pouring half of his soul into the limb in the process. Free of The Dark Lord's influence and liberated from the horrors of his mind, Albereich had become independent.

As Albereich escaped the doleful woods, his disconnected flesh stirred with his corruptible sentiments and his halved essence. An unprecedented abomination spurred from the ritual. An unintelligent, scarcely sentient creature was born -- its naked, roughly humanoid body slicked with Albereich's blood. It crawled, pulling itself along the dirt and releasing piercingly haunting screams, filled with pain and agony. It was something that should have never existed.

Years passed, and Albereich had established a guild named after his fallen clan; Akolite. It was an organization comprised of all species and races across Tranquility; its sole purpose to expose and counter Prophet's Covenant and combat his influence abroad, as well protect the general good of the world. As humanity began to dilute Prophet's blood through the new generations of splices due to reproduction with mankind, it became easier to resist The Dark Lord's will -- splices came to Akolite, attempting to start new lives and fight against the covenant which conditioned them for murder. Albereich was a quiet, powerful, and extremely calculative leader -- cold and devoid of bias, and well respected by all his subordinates.

Meanwhile, the abomination of the forest continued its pitiful existence. It was perpetually suffering and immersed in despair, until the day arrived that The Dark Lord discovered it. Prophet granted the beast the wits of an apex predator and the intelligence of a mathematician, as well as the ability to control its faux flesh -- under the condition that it would serve him. The abomination gratefully accepted and asked of the secret of its origin, which The Dark Lord provided. The abomination, going by the guise of Dimension, set out to hunt its creator; Albereich Akolite.

Aexis Akolite, brother-in-arms to Albereich Akolite, joined Akolite and two children; raising them within the comfort and safety of Akolite's great stone walls. They were Attex Akolite and Artolix Akolite -- two promising Akolite warriors. Attex, three years older than Artolix, taught his younger brother how to fight, how to manipulate his powers safely, and how to manage his emotions. As the two prodigies of Akolite entered adolescence, they trained directly under Albereich Akolite, their uncle, himself.

Out on the forest trail, about a mile away from the Akolite encampment, Attex was foraging for berries. Abruptly, pain overcame him -- two irregularly shaped, blindingly bright white orbs were hovering over his face and the gleaming edge of steel was pressed to his throat. The abomination had arrived at Akolite, and Attex was helpless to stop him; intimidated and frightened, 0nly fifteen, the young splice boy was forced to give away the locat1on of the encampment. Dimension slashed through Attex and left him aside the path, barely clinging to his consciousness.

The walls exploded open and atrocity gripped the encampment; grotesque familiars surged through the breach and began devouring everything in their path -- the dead rose and consumed their loved 0nes; fleshy tendrils skewered through buildings and impaled its victims. In an instant, Akolite was in ruins. Artolix was hiding while the massacre took place, waiting for his uncle Albereich to come to his rescue, but that wasn't the case. In front of the boy's very eyes, Dimension appeared with his uncle's corpse. Dashing it towards a tree, his carcass was run through by a bough. Artolix, consumed by his vexation, sprinted out of cover in order to slay Albereich's killer. The Abomination easily and savagely beat Artolix to an inch within death's grasp, but permitted him to live. This was so that Akolite would have a single survivor; just a part of the abomination's sick game. The twelve year old hissed out in pain as his limp form was dragged beneath Albereich's body, which showered its nephew in blood.

Dimension left the scene of the massacre, and left Artolix isolated; surrounded by death -- baptized in blood. Hours of helpless paralysis passed, before Artolix reclaimed his strength and pulled himself up. Gripping Albereich's body, he pulled it from the branch and reclaimed his cope -- the large garb that he wore; his sole piece of armor, and his symbol of power. Pulling it around his small, heavily bruised and shattered body, Artolix escaped into the woods and learned to become 0ne with nature through his years of maturation; living off the land until the age of seventeen. Finding his way out of the great forest and back into the arms of civilization, Artolix vowed to recreate the Akolite clan -- embracing his uncle's name as a title and becoming Albereich Artolix Akolite.

But Artolix was not the 0nly survivor.

Welcome to Akolite.

Re: Y'all know I love writing lore

Posted: 07 Jul 2016, 05:04
by danny
i feel slightly inspired to write some of my own lore because of that. still, pretty well written. if a little edgy :p

Re: Y'all know I love writing lore

Posted: 07 Jul 2016, 18:47
by Demitri
not the only survivor o-o spoopy