Rp Ships and OTP topic

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Re: Rp Ships and OTP topic

Postby Avereeni » 01 Aug 2016, 00:35

Foopzheart wrote:erwin x himself

drawing this.

Father Anderson wrote:paul x all his female characters in one huge harem

drawing this, gonna make it a light novel
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Re: Rp Ships and OTP topic

Postby BIG EYES » 01 Aug 2016, 00:42

The Divine Potato wrote:Anna X Karin

I'll make a field day out of that ;)
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Re: Rp Ships and OTP topic

Postby prophet » 14 Aug 2016, 10:42

Artolix x Illusion


I <3 Illubum

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Re: Rp Ships and OTP topic

Postby BluesDotEXE » 28 Sep 2016, 01:06

is someone writing fanfiction
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