Old World Explained [Or at least an attempt]

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Old World Explained [Or at least an attempt]

Postby BluesDotEXE » 03 Aug 2016, 01:44

Eons ago in an empty part of the universe, it's said that an ancient being known as Deus Creationis caused meteors to collide and bunch up together to create the world which he called "Orbis". Time after that, His presence remained prominent as he perfected his world. When he had finished his magnificent world, he gave life to 8 Gods to carry out Deus Creationis's work.

These gods were Arcanus, Geode, Ether, Frost, Scorch, Malachi, Seraph, and Vitae. Each god had its own unique element which was exclusive to it, as well as directions on how to make Orbis even better. Arcanus created the seas, rivers and geysers, Geode caused any leftover magma to harden and become the basic dirt and stone, Ether gave birth to the winds which assisted Geode, Frost worked with Arcanus to create Icebergs and the chilly region of the south known as Artika, Scorch created a slightly weaker version of the sun, and Vitae gave life to plants, humanity, animals, and much more.

The other 2 gods Seraph and Malachi represented Positivity and Negativity, and the 2 gods would often clash to see who is the better sibling. 7,000 years later, Scorch's Flame rod was stolen, and Malachi was exiled for thievery and banished to another dimension, where he was stripped of his powers.

183 years later, the Flame rod went missing once more, and the evidence pointed directly to Frost, causing extreme unease throughout Orbis, and making gods take sides in preparation for the first major war, The Elemental War. This war however only lasted for 34 Earth years, and the true culprit was found.

Seraph was drained of his powers and banished. Soon, 2 new gods were created to take their place, Tenebris and Lux. Hundreds of years later, war broke out which was not caused by the gods. The humans which had been created to further perfect had gained free will and chose to clash with others of their species in a series of wars known as the "Olden Wars". Eventually, Deus Creationis intervened and split Orbis into 2 continents so the wars would cease.

Years later, a mirror dimension was discovered, and unfortunately, Lux fell under the control of a wicked sorcerer named Scion, who was created on complete accident. The corrupted Lux destroyed villages on the western continent until he was confronted by Arcanus, and defeated. Scion retreated back to the mirror dimension, not returning until 50 years later. When Scion returned for vengeance, he did not last long, for the gods had predicted his arrival.

When Scion was destroyed, ancient blueprints depicting a machine were left behind. The gods and the Eastern Humans created the machine which was now known as "DUX". The gods also managed to modify it to preserve all forms of life, in case of an event such as mass extinction.

Years later, Scorch and Frost once again clash, this time for territory. An ancient continent known as Haven surfaced from beneath the seas, and became the battleground. The one who gave up the fastest would not be allowed to enter Haven. One day however, Haven was revealed to be a false continent, instead being an incarnate where multiple copies of Scion existed on. Both gods held captive, A hero was created to rescue them, simply known as "Ace". However, his creation was a result of Malachi and Seraph's DNA colliding, and humanity feared he would only bring chaos like the brothers had.

When the 2 gods were rescued, the leader of the Scions (otherwise known as Cyan) was confronted and defeated by the gods, but it looked as if Ace had defeated Cyan, and he was no longer considered a monster. Just 2 years later, a new threat emerged, the presence of Pagov's Vipers. These hyper-advanced humans had weaponry meant for wiping out entire planets. Before Orbis's finishing blow, Ace was transferred to Tranquility on one of the Whirlwind Islands, where he discovered that humans of the Old World had also been living there. The gods of Orbis fought against Pagov and succeeded.

Pagov was eliminated 13 years later when he was killed by his own virus. Deus Creationis came back to restore Orbis completely. Present day, Orbis remains at complete peace, and DUX was sent into outer space to find another location to share its knowledge with.
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