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My first attempt at an RP battle.

Posted: 16 Dec 2016, 15:52
by Askmeastupidquestion
I came looking for a fight and created a work of fiction. Many thanks to MewCatcher for relieving my late night boredom. I'm the Sentient Zombie.

Sentient Zombie.: Urgh... BRAINS! NNNgggghh....
Sentient Zombie.: Hrrnnn... so stinky... need shower. aggghhhh....
MewCatcher: no my brain
Sentient Zombie.: Gnnnhhh.... sweet kitty brains, I eats 'em with a straw and a drill. Hrrnnn..
Sentient Zombie.: <<Licks what's left of his lips>>
MewCatcher: lol
Sentient Zombie.: The Psyonics just make them taste sweeter.
MewCatcher: *throws a random planet at the zombie*
Sentient Zombie.: Removes his left arm, and gets into a batters stance, the pitch is a little high and he fouls it back into the centari system.
MewCatcher: drugs zobie so much that they fall down seeing rainbows
Sentient Zombie.: Listens to the Grateful Dead, and just kinda goes with the trip, and thinks about happy little kitty brains. He adjusts his jockstrap and resumes his batting stance, ball one.
MewCatcher: I randomly fire 12 gamma ray beams all at once at zombie
Sentient Zombie.: Zombie attempts to dodge the beams, he takes multiple shots in the torso, legs and the left arm, leaving him looking like swiss cheese.
Sentient Zombie.: One beam grazes his nose, there are just two sucking holes where the nose used to be.
Sentient Zombie.: The brain however seems to be working in that decrepit dome. Hnnn.. brains... NNNGG...
MewCatcher: for the finale mew summons a super nova blast located at zombies head
Sentient Zombie.: <<rummages around for his drill and 7-11 crazy straw>>
MewCatcher: and before zombie gets up he falls into the black hole
Sentient Zombie.: As the Supernova obilterates the Sentient Zombie into antimatter, a little wisp of dust emerges from the resultant explosion... HNNNGGG.... Brains...
Sentient Zombie.: The dust forms into a small nebula in the endless void, becoming a primordial soup, then an ameoba, then the cells split.
Sentient Zombie.: The sentient amoeba forms into a tadpole then a axlotl, then a lizard....
Sentient Zombie.: The lizard evolves into a larger and larger lizards until it becomes a T-Rex. You've now just angered a T Rex, He smells your brain.
MewCatcher: to finish zombie off mew blasts him into oblivion with her tazer
Sentient Zombie.: HHHNNNNGG... BRAINS.....
MewCatcher: I destroy the t rex by using my spirit bomb
MewCatcher: haaaaamey... haaaaaaaamey...
Sentient Zombie.: The spirit bomb is ineffective on Sentient Zombie T Rex, he has only killing instincts, no spirit, he takes a bite out of your tail.
MewCatcher: damn
Sentient Zombie.: NNNNN.... wrong side, brains on other side.... Hnnnngg@!
MewCatcher: I fire penguins at the dinosaur to distract it
MewCatcher: and then do....
MewCatcher: FALCON
MewCatcher: PUNCH!
Sentient Zombie.: LOL! The TRex snacks on a few flying penguins, his thirst for brains somewhat sated as he neatly picks them out of the air, gobbling them down his gullett.
MewCatcher: ok
MewCatcher: I do the
Sentient Zombie.: The force from the falcon punch propels him backwards off a cliff, where he grabs a branch with his tiny little trex hands.
MewCatcher: BIG GAY DANCE to kill the t rex
Sentient Zombie.: T-Rex is gripping for dear life, hoping you'll fire some more penguins at him, he's feeling a bit peckish.
MewCatcher: I fire glass shards at the t rex
Sentient Zombie.: The glass shards embed in the flesh above his spine, they look badass, like Godzilla but they hurt like hell.
MewCatcher: that reminds me to summon godzilla
Sentient Zombie.: The Trex, loosens his grip on the branch to remove the glass and scratch the itch, but his tiny little trex hands cant reach.
MewCatcher: tho since godzilla doesn't take kindly to orders I just let godzilla do its thing
Sentient Zombie.: Godzilla sees Sentient Zombie T-rex, all dolled up like a damsel godzilla in distress and rescues her from the perilous cliff hanger, and hold her in his arms and gives her a giant lizard kiss.
Sentient Zombie.: Godzilla and Sentient Zombie T Rex march hand in hand off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Am I doing this right?

Asky :?:

Re: My first attempt at an RP battle.

Posted: 23 Dec 2016, 03:06
by Demitri
It's ok I guess idfk anymore . But uh now I wanna rp

Re: My first attempt at an RP battle.

Posted: 24 Dec 2016, 18:12
by The Divine Potato
Better than my first rp battle went.

Re: My first attempt at an RP battle.

Posted: 25 Dec 2016, 22:55
The Divine Potato wrote:Better than my first rp battle went.

I ditto this over and over and OVER.

Demitri wrote:It's ok I guess idfk anymore . But uh now I wanna rp

That's the killer inside you coaxing you to resharpen your gungnir and have it ready to go 8)