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Re: Chat box closing

Postby Flobalob » 22 May 2016, 00:30

Lightning Orb wrote:
Flobalob wrote:Practically every level of strictness possible has been tried at some time or another on FWG. From Hito's much stricter rules to the recent, extremely lax rules, none have all out prevented the drama or the trolls and it's unlikely that they ever would.

Things just seemed better when moderators actually had a purpose.

They cracked down on the rules. The other users either followed the rules or they got banned.

Having a completely relaxed chat for rooms that aren't the "f" room,( which I'm not even sure why that's a thing anyway. As if we need a room for everyone to cuss and bad mouth people in) just doesn't work very well. In my opinion, at least. We will always have trolls and drama but at least when Hito was around, everything was more under control. I'm not even sure half the moderators know what is acceptable in a chat box anymore, so how are they to enforce a nice chat box?

On the contrary, under Hito's rules and under practically all levels of strictness besides what we have currently, at the slightest hint of mod intervention, 60% of users would scream "abuse of power". Certain unnamed individuals had behind-the-scenes actions discovered and thus began to hate moderators for breaking it up, and spread this hate so that very few users had a friendly, safe feeling of moderator presence but instead were aggressive and spiteful towards us. Ultimately, this led to the departure of several mods and high-profile users alike, leaving our numbers dwindling. Others who witnessed this did the same and here we are now, it's reached the end of the spiral.
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Re: Chat box closing

Postby Dr Frook » 22 May 2016, 05:14

the issue in the past two weeks was not the lax rules, it was with certain people. The new rules have been undergoing development over this time and in general, other than the issues we had with trolling, the rules worked much better than in the past. It's not our goal to smother people with rules and those days are basically over. But we will refine the new rules over the coming days.

that said, the chatbox is on a precipice. I want it to stay open, but if it becomes too much trouble, it will be shut again.

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