Enigmatic (Open Combat)

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Enigmatic (Open Combat)

Postby Alpha_The_Centurion » 10 Nov 2015, 15:57

Alpha stood on the verge of the Abyss, his toes wriggling over the side. A cold draft comforted him, bringing forth images of his time resting in the Void to the front of his mind. A light sigh escaped his pale lips, and pallid digits curled into fists as he waited.

The Cliff Face was a place he had come to know and love, not yet having gave it a proper title though. A simple cliff of volcanic rock hanging over a jagged sea of stone and murky black water. The sun was semi-concealed by a layer of thick clouds and a harsh breeze chilled the skin of any who dared brave it. A simple message.

The message he had sent was a simple one. He was rusty, not having fought in some time. He needed to work the kinks out of his form. Having been busy with rebuilding En'nairda trying to keep the lives of his allies stable, training time had gone out of the window. However, this didn't mean his past knowledge was completely lost to him.

Now... to wait.

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