Machine in the Walls

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Machine in the Walls

Postby BluesDotEXE » 20 May 2017, 00:40

My lord, we're prepared to begin studying nearby planets."

A servant kneels before a master sitting in a throne. The room appears to be a void with various bits of rock floating around as well as six doors. The figure on the throne coughs, showing poor health.

"Seviro. You've proven your loyalty to me as a servant. Come to me, for I have news," replied the Lord.

"My lord, we also have a newcomer to our armies. A scientist from another world has joined our noble cause," replied Seviro.

The Lord scratches his chin and nods at Seviro. He motions Seviro to the exit door to retrieve the scientist. When Seviro comes back, the scientist is accompanying him.

"Of all the people who would risk exposure to their own planets, it had to be you, Leon Ramirez, the son of Sagis, the mirror of Rime Ramirez," said the Lord with a smug tone.

"I used to work with someone named Felix Cheris. He died after my laboratory in space was demolished by those futile forces on Orbis."

The Lord chortled with amusement at Leon's story.

"You're an interesting fellow. Now, I have something to show you. You notice this void room we're in?" asked the Lord.

Leon looked around, and nodded. He was puzzled by what has caused this. He then turned to face the Lord again.

"The cause of this room is the 'Machine in the walls.' The machine was built to last for an eternity," the Lord spoke.

"My lord, preparations are complete. We have located a belt of dimensions and we are prepared to invade," Seviro spoke.

The Lord howled with laughter, and motioned to the fourth door, Leon's new lab of sorts.

"Go! Create beings capable of tearing cities apart piece by piece! We shall reign over these creatures soon enough!"
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