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FWG Lottery FAQ

Postby FWG_Lottery » 22 May 2016, 04:39

Fwg Lottery FAQ!

Lottery FAQ!:

What is it? : Fwg Lottery is similar to the real life lottery. You buy tickets and if you are lucky enough you win the prize money.

How much does a ticket cost? : 1F$,3F$,5F$ each tickets.

Can i buy multiple tickets? : Yes you can buy multiple tickets as more tickets means higher chance of winning.

How frequent are lottrey rounds? : Every week new lottery round begins.

When are results announced? : At the end of the week lottery winner are announced.

How do i buy a lottery ticket? : Click here for tutorial : viewtopic.php?f=32&p=161105#p161105

What do the lottery gain from this? : Nothing.

How can we know that the lottery is not rigged?
: There is no human interference in running the lottery or when announcing the winner.

FWG lottery is a fully owned property of FreeWorldGroup.com with all rights reserved.Trade marked and patented at International cyber currency lottery organization.

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