[How To:] Buy Tickets!!!

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[How To:] Buy Tickets!!!

Postby FWG_Lottery » 25 Jun 2016, 19:24

FWG Forum has recently switched to an automated Lottery System!!! The below tutorial explains how tickets can be bought! To get to step 4 directly click here

1. Click on your 'username' at the top right of the forum! 'Image'

2. From the dropdown select 'Image'

3. From there navigate to the last tab labeled 'Image'

At this point your screen should like this:

4. Click on a game that you would like to participate in!

At this point your screen should look similar to this:

5. Enter the number of tickets you wish to buy and hit 'Image'

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Re: [How To:] Buy Tickets!!!

Postby Shadowstar1922 » 16 Aug 2016, 14:07

omg this is so interesting and cool.

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